The west is canny whimsy portrait As long as the personality is not afraid of ugly (FIG.)

& have spent Hole more than creating the image of the queen’s jokes

in the west, rich tycoons or collector to fund their appreciation of the artist, ask them for their creation has long been a portrait. Portraits is a symbol of the close relationship between the sponsor and artists, but now more and more rich people like alternative portrait, they allowed artists to play, not afraid of ugliness, but beg personality.

style traditional

Greek businessmen and art collectors about Solomon’s famous painter hole, please give your portrait. If in the traditional aesthetic view, hole more picture about general-secretary in uglification about general-secretary, drew his neck didn’t green ears, mouth and cheeks completely out of proportion. About Solomon is quite appreciate the portrait, it & other; For & throughout; Conspicuous position near the fireplace in the living room.

before the artist for the patron, portraits, often pay attention to the realistic or beautification, men painted majestic tall, dignified and beautiful woman picture have, draw a sweet and lovely child. This kind of style in some contemporary collector and the artist’s eyes have been out of date.

hole one more picture can sell for $450000, he is known as the weird style of surrealism, Solomon’s appetite is contract. About Solomon, a 71 – year – old said he didn’t like the traditional sit portrait, & other; I’m not a king & throughout; .

he hole, please draw 3 portrait, the route of whimsy. Portrait about Solomon’s good friend, artist mauri’s & middot; Taelan head like a stake, a carrot head, eyes, a big and a small held high brows. Solomon said, such a portrait though strange, but there are characteristic, can instantly recognize characters in the painting.

a strange New York Israeli artists hord authorized by fashion model g lowther, give her 5-year-old son auguste portrait. He painted a pair of middle-aged men the blond boy, tough-looking, which straddles the chair. G lowther treasure if the picture, she said, auguste does occasionally peep out & other 50 people & throughout; Look, artist keenly capture the character charm.

American publishing magnate and art collectors brent fischer Swiss artist exhibition held last year, including two like the life-size wax. General wax is used to display for a long time, the two wax statue is real candles, lit from exhibition at the beginning, the end into a pile of wax residue.

& other; I think this is a wonderful work. Throughout the &; Brent said. He pay $400000 for every wax statue, then Switzerland a candle maker, please copy at each of thousands of dollars prices both wax statue, so that the permanent collection.

only & other; Unique & throughout;

in the past, artists rely on the rich and powerful generously to make a living, so to sponsor a variety of portraits as far as possible to meet requirements. Now the relationship has changed, famous artist & other; Money & throughout; The creation of the portrait as a pastime. And collectors can reflect & for other Unique & throughout; Or can represent their special relationship with the artist’s works do not hesitate to spend big money, don’t mind artist free play.

artist schnabel’s & other; Signature works & throughout; Is writing on a pile of broken ceramic plate on a giant portrait of distortion. After many collectors saw schnabel’s exhibition, also hopes his portrait appears on a pile of broken dishes.

the painter coton often women, love the character of head picture like candy and cake for dessert. Is satisfied with female collectors phelan coton for her image: long body in cupcakes torrey, ice cream and coils of sugar in a torch to headgear.

movie producer Mr Mello, spend $150000 to the painter sal for his portrait. Sal draw a portrait of Mr Mello’s head was cut down on the floor beside the body, the neck cavity with a bunch of flowers.

this portrait in the average person look horror, in Mr Mello is art. , she said she didn’t want to interfere with the painter, is not so much her pay a portrait painter, as she and artists created works of art.

not everyone buying

of course, not everyone can appreciate the surrealism style portrait.

artist taelan years ago for the publishing magnate and art collectors brent’s wife, model and actress Seymour plastic a bust. Before the statue was blunt posture, like a vulture in the bow of rough gods, in Seymour appears to have no aesthetic appeal. Card, taelan said he was inspired by hunters show the animal head hanging on the wall. Brent are quite appreciate, called & other; Top art & throughout; And pay $600000.

brent had spent $150000 please lily portrait painter schnabel for mother. Lily just wanted to let the painter show the state of the most elegant and put on the most beautiful clothes, wear the most dazzling gem in front of the painter. But the result let lily, she complained that the painter draw her expression too harsh, daunting.

the painter felt this portrait is perfect, just look at brent, agreed to the upper cover your lily’s face with a paint. Even so, still don’t like lily, she put the portrait in the warehouse, don’t want to look at.

contemporary art collectors hult human himself and his wife, Susan, please draw a portrait of the still throw away an inconspicuous places at home, because he thought his wife face painting too stiff.

brent said: & other; At least 50% please people creating portraits of people are not happy with your work. Throughout the &;