The women’s 1.4 million buy was Feng Jiyong identified as false Sue the sale old friends

lau and facilitate the cheng is a friend of more than 20 years. Liu claims to cheng sells fake Feng Jiyong calligraphy and painting to her, and to old friends there (wl court, request return buy painting style and compensation of 10000 yuan of economic losses.

lau said that she and Mr. Cheng met for many years, better relations. Cheng for professional painter, painting has taught her daughter. In 2011, cheng called and said he acquainted with Feng Jiyong and his secretary, existing Feng Jiyong real number, lobby liu to buy. Because believe that cheng character as well as its vision as a professional painter, liu payment of more than 140 140 yuan to buy a batch of calligraphy and painting.

liu said, she found this year Feng Jiyong, learned that this batch of calligraphy and painting is not authentic. Liu accordingly to the court.