The world’s first plastic surgery: the ancient Indian doctors can spin ear reconstruction nose

according to Indian medical writings “funny smell set” description, more than two thousand years ago, in ancient India there is a by the famous surgeon & other; Wonderful smell & throughout; To create the wonderful smell of technologies, it is equivalent to the modern plastic technology.

in ancient India, people have a custom of elongated earlobes. All the kindness of the parents to the child’s ear punch, it is said that doing so can out evil evil, and make children look good. Ear punch by doctors, they drilled a hole on the earlobe, stuffed the lint inside.

if there is no infection, so children every three days to check it again, sending more lint and wood ring and lead weights, make the skin slowly stretched. The longer the earlobe and more beautiful. However, besides to create extended the earlobe, the surgeon to do an important job, or repair.

wonderful smell during his lifetime, to stretch the earlobe and different damage that might come up for the system classification, and find the corresponding treatment, the number was wonderful smell of description & other Throughout countless &; . From practical activities such as Pierce stretched the muscles and skin of the experience, provides the ancient surgical template.

ancient Indian surgeons are using the same technology to achieve greater miracles & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Rhinoplasty, namely the repair or reconstruction nose.

the method described in the “funny smell set”. In order to build a nose, to cut a piece of leaf shape from the patient’s forehead skin, leave on the bridge of the nose a & other; Petiole & throughout; . Then the surface of the skin outwards, turn down, cover the two artificial catheter as nasal cavity.

later, India some knowledge to the arabs of the surgery, and spread from there to the Mediterranean region, so we have about the Sicilian physicians in history of 1400 years before and after reengineering new nose.

however, in the modern sense of western plastic surgery is to appear in the 18th century. At that time, the British doctor working in the east India company, a surgeon from India where learned the secret of nasal forming technology.