The world’s most ancient piano factory closed factory has more than 200 years

this is a sad news: one of the world’s most ancient piano makers at Yale recently announced that shut down them in the suburbs of Paris last making workshop of saint-denis. The former French music glory name just drifting away, so the French were lament: at Yale’s gone, may reflect the industry’s increasingly depression, France.

at Yale’s most famous place, is the favorite of been a composer Chopin piano brand. Its founder, gona, & middot; At Yale, who was born in 1757, is also a musician, and Joseph & middot; Haydn’s friends. He founded in 1807, his first French making factories, so almost is one of the most ancient piano manufacturers in the world, has been operating more than 200 years.

according to statistics, since the factory for more than 200 years, plano, Yale has provided more than 250000 for all French family piano, and it is located in Paris & other; Small property center & throughout; 8 OuDePu lai yell hall is become one of the French cultural landmark. IfengLogo (ZhanZhan)