The world’s oldest light bulb has been used in 110 Only 22 minutes

usually only a few years the life of a light bulb, but incredibly, the Buddha Moore city department of California office of a 4 watts of 6 small bulb light after starting point since 1901, so far have been used for 110 years, and still in the normal light. In 110 years, it only be extinguished 22 minutes! It is reported, this 110 – year – old bulb is confirmed by the guinness book of world records & other; World’s oldest light bulbs & throughout; And its & other; Longevity & throughout; At present is still a mystery.

this bulb in continuous use for 110 years, at present had the slightest and showed no sign of death. And in order to protect this ancient bulb shining yellow light & other; Normally on conservation & throughout; Prepared circuit protection device, the fire brigade, diesel backup generator, and battery backup. Now, this & other; One hundred light bulbs & throughout; Even has its own official website, the traffic has been as high as millions of people every year. All over the world & other; Fans & throughout; 24 hours a day, are available through the network camera, at any time & other Viewing & throughout; This legendary bulb of yesteryear. Guess a lot of people, because it never switch, so the filament life long; There are also people who believe that the real secret is its superb old bulb manufacturing technology, because the shell completely sealed to prevent air into the bulb, a filament to under vacuum conditions without damage to light for over 100 years; And the city of livermore Moore, a retired fire brigade captain and & other; In one hundred bulbs commission & throughout; Chairman Ryan & middot; Owens argues that by bulb of current is lower, this perhaps is the key to extend the life of the bulb.