The writer had Hitler had fled to Argentina with his wife gave birth to two daughters

Hitler and his wife, Eva & middot; Braun (figure)

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: according to the British “daily mail” reported on October 28, a British writer Gerard & middot; Williams (Gerrard) Williams and Simon & middot; Dunstan (Simon about) in the new book “grey Wolf: adolf & middot; escape, according to the exposure of adolf Hitler and his wife fled to Argentina, and has always lived 73 years, also gave birth to two daughters.

Williams and dunstan is described in the book, on April 27, 1945, the so-called & other Miracle weapons & throughout; Did not appear, Hitler once proud strong military also has collapsed. At this point, he faced with three choices: the first, was captured by the Soviet army, the humiliation is unthinkable. Second, he can commit suicide, but who can replace him? The fourth empire could rise again, he need to continue to lead it. So Hitler with only the first three options: escape.

the gestapo secret police (Nazi Germany), the leader of the sea because of the rich & middot; Mueller (Heinrich Mller) ready to escape everything you need, including posing as Hitler and his bride Eva & middot; Braun (Eva Braun) double body. After midnight, the three figures from the bunker to the surface of a secret tunnel, they are Hitler, Hitler’s brother-in-law, Eva and Herman & middot; Ferguson reinhard (Hermann Fegelein). Into a makeshift runway fashion avenue in central Berlin, jean-claude juncker – 52 aircraft engine has been launched. Hitler and over into the plane, less than a minute, the plane take off, fly straight to the north.

Hitler would not look out of the window, not willing to face the hell he left. He will travel to Argentina to enjoy new life. As the world’s most wanted man, Hitler’s escape route is very twists and turns. He first arrived in Denmark, then flew to Spain, after franco’s support to the canary islands, off the coast of Argentina, and on this submarine to cut (Necochea) o port landing in internal medicine division.

since then, Hitler had never left Argentina. Although he established new empire dream unrealized, but at least he enjoy a happy marriage with Eva, they also gave birth to two daughters. In hiding, 17 years later Hitler died on February 13, 1962, aged 73. Make its old rival, former British prime minister Winston & middot; (Winston Churchill) pain, Hitler live longer than he is.

although the story sounds completely is the tower of Babel, but many people think that it is absolutely true. Since the end of the second world war, about Hitler’s bunker escape from events formed many conspiracy theories, Williams and dunstan’s book is one of them. But the Argentine reporter Abel & middot; Buster (Abel Basti) claimed that a British journalist plagiarized his research, he is seeking compensation.