The writer sun li after the cultural revolution in disillusionment Believe that the literary “terrible”

& have spent sun li in the 1980 s home with books.

& have spent sun li apartment with a book in the 1980 s. 2013,

in 2013, issued the backordered edition of the sun li corpus, based on both versions supplemented the sun li last two albums and disclosed for the first time a large number of letters. The picture shows the sun li hanhai to Jiang Deming “inside pages.

revolution literature in the sequence of sun li used to looking at human, human nature. He loves. In life, when she was naive, in silence, away from the political, literary, is a writing skirmisher.

spirit as the realism of life

as a writer in a sequence of revolutionary literature, sun li but nothing & other; Fighting & throughout; Breath. Wang zeng-qi, said sun li Anti-Japanese War novel writing, unlike others is touched the sentry, side towers; Can’t say only & other; Reflect the anti-japanese & throughout; And he wrote & other; People throughout the &; . Is the same for & other; Revolution & throughout; , & other War & throughout; Observations, when others see the wind waves, he is more likely to focus on human, human nature to get involved. For writer jia pingwa, contemporary writers, have great influence on him, one is the shen congwen, a is the sun li, he felt that sun li don’t write an epic, but as the mind. Shi Hang in virtual mail a letter to sun li, said sun li wrote in 1947 on the square surrounded by spin a dozen girls, as jia baoyu talking about poetry club girl, full of love. It has been because of sun li writing perspective, call him in the revolutionary literature & other; Extra person & throughout; , more critics argue that, compared with the revolutionary literature, sun li’s creation more inclined to WuSiShi realism, more concerned about his life story. Especially & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; , he created the plow hall left 10 included ten episodes, is considered from the transition to pye roughly Confucian revolutionary writers, from the mission of the early literature transformation to the human literature.

and their spiritual growth, basic, can be determined, and the relationship between the May 4th literature by reading. According to his own, twelve years old, he with his father to go on sale within the county on senior primary school, there, begin to contact & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; After the literary works, such as literature research, among them, has a person such as lu xun, ye shengtao, xu dishan’s novels. Lu xun, he regarded as a hero, and subordinate advocated by lu xun & other; For the life & throughout; The traditional realism writing. In the plow hall secretary of the reading, in an article, he said, whatever novels, start in life, in a typical; Start in the sky, characters such as clay sculpture, paper against angry.

he pored over lu xun’s works, some even able to recite. Anti-Japanese War early, he published in journal of hebei central leader is the first article, is “the theory of lu xun”, since then, he also according to your own memory, written the young lu xun’s text, in the 1950 s, he shall, in accordance with the written in the lu xun’s diary of bibliography, roadmap, for reading, determined to put the ancient books, lu xun mentioned numerous buy. In the age of ten essays focus, he is more frequent mention of lu xun.

like lu xun, sun li on the growth of the literary youth. He wrote: sex out-of-the-way, failing to friends, ran to the young man to get along with YouQingZhe lifelong not forget for a moment. In 1979, tie ning to write an article about the story of heaven’s short story, showed a few teachers, someone kind advised her not to do writing, said & other; Path & throughout; There is a problem. Heart is not satisfied with her, dared send it to sun li, thought that he quickly in the tianjin daily of the literary supplement to publish. Over the years, she said she had just set foot on literature, finding vacant, don’t know so. At that time, a letter, or a few words, can light up the literature of the lamp. In her mind, Mr Sun li is the generous elders carry the lamp.

two kinds of state of mind of the first half & other; Beauty & throughout; With life & other; Evil humanity & throughout;

sun li’s masterpiece “the iron wood prequel” narrative is a story of a blacksmith and a carpenter, it reflects the new era, people in the mental changes. Specifically, the early agricultural co-operation, the delicate relationship between people. Novel the main line is the change of blacksmiths and carpenters friendship, from the initial set up, trust each other to burst, blacksmiths and carpenters children is vice line between the change of the emotion, and emotion of intruders, is to dare to love dare to hate, and for a lot of people like & other Behind the molecular & throughout; Grain full girl. Wang zeng-qi had similar because the image of the girl & other; Carmen & throughout; Enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained character, but said Spain’s novels.

in and writer Yan Gang communication, sun li said that “the iron wood prequel to” the face of it is the product of he to the countryside in 1953, but it’s not, it is his childhood memories. Into the city in 1949, he is sensitive to detect relationships because of position or because of other, unexpected changes happened in the difficult environment, and he was very upset by this change. To express this idea, he chose to write my life and childhood is the most familiar with their most understand people, and give their emotions.

have a strong & other sun li The beginner’s mind & throughout; , & other The champ & throughout; Transparent clear, clean, which makes his words. For the initial life, he also never grudge praise. Person’s life, he says, true happiness, is that childhood. The joys of adulthood, often with various restrictions. Will be pleasure, tried to or take a pain for a pleasure. And he said, & other; S for me, if there is also a happiness, that is spent his childhood in the countryside. Throughout the &;

see sun li’s life, we can see a clear scratch line from youth to old age. He two acclaimed novel, long last and medium-length prequel to “the iron wood, like a metaphor. Light to see the name, then know the at first, he is more, there are usually last, prequel will have to remember, then, but after & other; Waste from disease for 10 years, ten years spent in taste & throughout; (1978, sun li in reply to Yan Gang proposed), he exhausted, two novel didn’t the follow-up.

in the interpretation of the sun li, give up the former, because of his intelligence is limited, life experience is insufficient, lack of control the long experience. Familiar with sun li works, and the sun has a deep relationship “China development review editor WeiJianMin also said that sun li is good at & other; Modal & throughout; Writing, lack of & other; Throughout the plot &; The compilation of kung fu, he used to write the history of the idea to write novels, quickly go to the end of their tether.

and the latter, it is a book & other; Bad books & throughout; . “Iron wood prequel” wrote v19, sun li fell down, and then got a disease, illness only write up a short section 20, caocao end. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; , property of six times, three times is an excuse to raid the iron wood fact, this let his family family. Later, sun li said that writing novels is often in youth. People in their youth, for life is full of fantasy, will pursue didn’t achieve things, but in later years, hardships experienced, often to us the feeling of snow, flower canyue fall, cannot write a novel. Philosophy in his later years, he’s better, to write prose, essays, so that the iron wood fact he wrote is not to come out. In his first half, he found the reality and dense, and life, are frequently seen evil human nature.