The writer was the Netherlands WeiOu Said the violent “literacy to play a” (photo)

writer horse was the original xishuangbanna WeiOu

writer horse was the original xishuangbanna WeiOu

Netherlands weibo screenshot

& other; Never thought the tragedy in the flood peak on me again! Throughout the &; Yesterday at 3 p.m, writer Netherlands on twitter revealing WeiOu, & other; Throughout the body & multiple injuries; . In the Netherlands was beaten, flood peak, according to its friends, writer in the Netherlands unwittingly into an abandoned school, local cause some people’s dissatisfaction with the matter. But there are also net friend said, it is associated with the Netherlands to set up in local college. It is said that at present all events people involved all detained, local police have been investigated.

our reporter Cui Zhe

event The Netherlands is yunnan, flood peak tragedy repeat

on November 15, 20 points at 3 in the morning, the famous writer Netherlands tweeting for help said: & other; Never thought the tragedy in the flood peak on me again! Throughout the &; Netherlands, according to a person named hai-lin zhou led a group of people in one hour girl came to south waxy mountain village former central primary school WeiOu in coma, whole body many injuries. Netherlands in several consecutive weibo in its face, legs, knees, arms and other photos of the injured area.

at the beginning of this year, the reclusive writer flood peak in yunnan for leasing matters by local villagers, beating three rib fractures. Know that the Netherlands is an event, flood peak on the fitness of friends & other; Particular concern & throughout; & other; He’s me a few years older, the body also is bad, when he came to the huize visit my early also speak of xishuangbanna folkway, I told him not. He advised me to go, I agreed, so not to pursue to the end. Netherlands is sincere, never clashed with strangers, how much more is the heart of the salarymen worship in xishuangbanna? Throughout the &;

reason & other; Temporary residence & throughout; Say, & other Built throughout the academy &; Different versions, said

after the incident, menghai county, xishuangbanna, the county party committee propaganda department announced the news, said in a & other; South waxy mountain superior natural environment and fresh air, deeply attracted to girl salarymen village, the famous writer and on November 11, temporary girl living in south waxy mountain village within the original central primary school. Throughout the &;

for cause, flood peak on weibo, according to the Netherlands mentioned in the help & other; The original center primary school & throughout; , it is his wife and children with temporary residence in xishuangbanna, & other; The local government is welcome to the Netherlands in xishuangbanna, because the Netherlands is not yet in resemblance to build, a temporary government where he lived in an abandoned school & throughout; . Flood peak, according to the school by one party till protection and there is a conflict with the government, and other Unaware of the Netherlands in their discontent with (they didn’t know the Netherlands, the Netherlands also don’t know them), these people had two atrocities into their home. Throughout the &;

in addition, some netizens suggested that the Netherlands preparation in xishuangbanna college, this may be associated with being beaten events. To this, flood peak responded: & other; The Netherlands no ambition, he just want to the beautiful xishuangbanna salarymen. Throughout the &;

however, weibo name for & other; Waste mountain man & throughout; , is located in yunnan xishuangbanna of sending a few weibo yesterday in this paper, the Netherlands is the why, says the horse at the local college’s original idea, & other; Netherlands in March to yunnan visit wounded writer flood peak, then meeting to xishuangbanna poet quietly. When waste take him by a friend on south waxy mountain tour when the natural scenery and appropriate climate there is moved, then the poet quietly and ya-wei li, zhou wall away together, in the south yellow mountain village primary school girl site to build a college, for writers, artists, poets and scholars at home and abroad, provides a platform of exchange creative teaching. Throughout the &; & other; Waste mountain man & throughout; Said that the Netherlands is it is because of the location of the academy in the control of certain local forces, led by hai-lin zhou, scope, but & quot; South waxy academy & rsquo; Project supported by subordinate menghai county wei, menghai county government will back south waxy primary site for cultural development, prompting hai-lin zhou. Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Waste mountain man & throughout; Also revealed that & other; Week week hering has involved a group of people will village head, two wounded, and this morning to the Netherlands, and threatened: literacy to a dozen! Swollen with arrogance! Throughout the &; In & other; Waste mountain man & throughout; Weibo, the reporter also saw this netizen Netherlands injured photo, released by trying to direct messages to contact the net friend to further understand the situation, but didn’t get the reply before time.