“The Yangtze river warrior” Lv Zijian died To gossip serial palm killed muhammad (FIG.)


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yesterday morning at 6 o ‘clock 58 points, a generation of kungfu teacher, chongqing & other; The Yangtze river warrior & throughout; Lv Zijian died. The 119 – year – old man with guinness warrior fearless, kanto warrior Du Xinwu said qing dynasty wulin three paladins.

go peacefully without pain

once killed American boxer

yesterday morning, nanan distract lotus lotus funeral hall, Lv Zijian ceremony held here. Lv Zijian granddaughter Lv Shunhua sadly, told reporters a few days ago he in poor health, has been in bed. Home to take care of the sons of the old, four shifts to take care of him all night long. Yesterday morning at 6 o ‘clock, 58 minutes, he stopped breathing, like sleeping. & other; Go peacefully, without pain. Throughout the &; Lv Shunhua said.

Lv Zijian is civil known as the martial arts master, who had Jiang Ying for the teacher, when studying in hubei national physician, 18 years old to Beijing, thanks to the routine Li Changye and xingyi quan Ding Shirong for the teacher, finally in chongqing following Li Guocao xi chang chuan, after I have been to stay in chongqing. Lv Zijian wrote in the report, he and fearless, Du Xinwu at the same time, with Du Xinwu, hobnobbing with patriotic generals are brothers to become sworn brothers, also resisted the Japanese forces in Shanghai with fearless.

in 1920, flower terrace for wushu challenge, then, a 27-year-old Lv Zijian won the championship, it signals the end Lv Zijian word career, began to self-reliance Yu Wulin.

many citizens know Lv Zijian also called & other; The Yangtze river warrior & throughout; But don’t know why the name, there is still a story. In the 1930 s, in the Yangtze river route win power, more than a dozen foreign shipping company shipping company is the only one national enterprise of the people’s livelihood, almost by foreign shipping company battered. Lv Zijian to protect national companies, running around with friends, called for people to not take foreign ships, not foreign ship company work, all the Chinese staff call to the company of the people’s livelihood, make foreign shipping companies completely shut down.

heavily recruit foreign shipping companies height 1.90 meters, so-called world-beater American boxing champion Tom & middot; John, to challenge Lv Zijian 1.74 m tall. Feng yuxiang Lv Zijian in the testimony of people, such as with Tom & middot; John to sign the document titled life and death. Finally, Lv Zijian with the stunt gossip serial hand killed Tom & middot; John, & other; The Yangtze river warrior & throughout; Traditional reputation spread across great river north and south.

after Lv Zijian again original dragon. In 2000, he was the state general administration of sports, wushu management center named & other; Chinese kungfu masters & throughout; , & other The Yangtze river warrior & throughout; , the national martial arts nine section. He is also the first won the award for the nine section of folk martial arts masters.

was the most like to watch the evening newspaper

film disciple to commemorate

Lv Zijian died, his family is very low, only the first informed the chongqing evening news reporter. Lv Zijian family said, because the old man was the most like to watch the evening newspaper. Since then, the old man’s death spread on the Internet, people keep condolences to, including the Chinese wushu association, chongqing wushu association and circles.

in the funeral parlor, the reporter also saw the movie will be out next month “gossip guru” actor’s force. The force hao is a state-level warriors, Chinese martial arts golden tiger six paragraphs, the wudang zixiaogong gossip family three generations, the routine fifth generation successor, force hao film and TV culture media, chairman Lv Zijian for division in 2007.

the force hao told reporters, wanted to please the teacher appreciation “gossip guru”, but this wish cannot be completed. The reporter understands, there are already at home and abroad the director wants to Lv Zijian legend made into a film and television works, because the old man has always been low-key, so haven’t had the film and television works. Howe says the force, about master life experiences, later made into a film.

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