The zhou dynasty existing papers had There are three generations of men and women’s name and fathers name, etc

the earliest papers had, what we see now is the papers had in tang dynasty in the dunhuang documents. Don’t paper, this papers had regular script and regular script is the groom’s family request marriage marriage books and her family a papers had promised, content is vain words more rhetoric kind words; Don’t the body of the paper is the papers had, recorded the real situation of men and women both parties each respectively. Papers had once concluded, both received the recognition from the folk, also have the force of law.

but in life, to break things often happen. LingMengChu volume 10 of the master, the Korean scholar by hiring a wife, satrap wu flow to the Lord because book in to a release of a story. Gold the rich gave lots of Korean teacher xu hired his daughter after healing, and too Korea division more poor families and to destroy the marriage. Korea division under the more desperately, so we have to request county satrap judicial. Satrap as papers had found out, dowry, received evidence on the grounds that teacher gave Kim daughter off to Korea.

this case above, let us see the seriousness of the ancient papers had and full legal effect, but also exposed the woman in the ancient marriage of disadvantage. Papers had once concluded, the woman did not have the right to break. The tang dynasty law explicitly: & other; The woman just to break without betrothed to others, and the rulers to times she 60 big board, still maintain the original engagement. Engagement, and don’t allow others to one hundred times; If you don’t make others and has been married, have to take one and a half years hard labor. Throughout the &; But the man to engagement, as long as to government, abandon the dowry. It is a bit economic loss, don’t need any legal liability. This is both the male and the female engagement differences. From now on can also see that our country ancient woman status is low.

papers had in our country’s history is very long, certainly not from tang dynasty just began. In “rites” management & other marriage affairs; Media’s & throughout; Responsible for the issue of papers had recorded that the zhou dynasty has the papers had appeared. The papers had was written on bamboo or wooden Du, men and women both parties hold each half, as a marriage certificate and evidence. Southern song dynasty meng elders “Tokyo wei menghua record & middot; marry woman” in the records of papers had already very detailed. & other; Every marry daughter-in-law, drafting the first post, two allows, then fine post, three generations of speak (cs17), about to have a close relatives such as estate office & throughout; . Papers had in accordance with the male left female right format, write down the name of the men and women, respectively, three generations of a birth horoscope, domicile of origin, and fathers name, etc. The ancients is very seriously for the papers had.