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a graduate course on how to? At zhongnan university of economics and MPA (master of public administration), a professor at the education center, with the students went to the dengfeng song Yang academy, changed the song dynasty Confucian scholar clothing all the teachers and students, under the cedar of thousands of years to hear the professor to give lectures in school.

famous social security experts, at zhongnan university of economics and movement, said professor song Yang academy in ancient China, one of the big four academy, a lot of people know this place is the cradle of cheng zhu neo-confucianism, but don’t know, more than one thousand years ago, when Zhu Xiceng taught here & other; SheCang theory & throughout; , is China’s earliest social security theory of SheCang, it makes the social relief in the song dynasty by the temporary into a system, the creation of folk SheCang is also China’s early non-governmental charitable organizations.

at zhongnan university of economics and standing director of MPA education center of henan teaching ShaZhenHao tells a reporter, lessons in college students, is a school of on-the-job graduate student, school, the reason that the social security study this course in college, not only because the beautiful environment place is the birthplace of the theory of social security system in China, also hope that the students feel the historical massiness and realize the importance of the people’s livelihood aid.

& other; We should learn to stand in the historical view system of the modern civilization. Throughout the &; Movement, says professor & other; Increased investment to the livelihood of the people, perfect the social assistance system is not only the construction of modern democratic society, it is a historic responsibility. Throughout the &; (river newspaper reporter ChuNanXue Huang Pulei intern/article xiao-wei du/chart)