Tolstoy why no Nobel Prize? The jury said its “negative all civilization”

in recent two months, Chinese writer, mo yan won the Nobel Prize for literature, caused heated debate. Thus, I think the first Nobel Prize for literature (1901), it goes to the French poet sully & middot; Lu’s more, rather than Leo & middot; Tolstoy. At that time, the world class prize of the start-up, the continent’s literary peers could not foresee its potential value, to elected candidates, who can look at weng (Leo & middot; Tolstoy) in the back? In addition, there are hardy, Ibsen, Chekhov and zola and others are expected to have won.

from now on, & other; Why not Tolstoy winners? Throughout the &; The problem like spell entangled.

in 1901, the Swedish academy permanent secretary Mr & middot; Wilson in the Nobel Prize for literature in the citation has a special introduction: & other; & hellip; & hellip; Thanks to the bonus is issued once a year, a good writer even if not this year, next year, the year after, even will still have hope, as long as his achievements worthy of reward. Throughout the &; Joe wong is not enough good? Not worth the reward? Now that the Swedish academy admits he show group, why don’t you give him the Nobel literature prize? He died in 1910, the first didn’t give him also just, why after successive still out with him? Someone says: & other; If you wronged someone, will he has been wronged to death, if you change horses in midstream idea, to him, he will not be ungrateful. Throughout the &; This is typical of Chinese thoughts and means, I don’t want to in such a hostile to ascertain that the judge’s own. But in 1902 they published a & other; Resign reply & throughout; , finally we could see the ideas of the jury. They fully recognized weng outstanding literary achievements, but not the first literary prize awarded to him, because Joe wong & other; Rejected all forms of civilization throughout the &; And praise & other; The original way of life throughout the &; , & other; Advocate the anarchist ideas & throughout; , & other; Any rewrite throughout the bible &; , & other; For he that is rare in all civilized style of narrow and hostility, we felt that we can’t stand & throughout; .

Joe wong did not get a Nobel Prize for literature, harming the its name, but this is a bad start, after that, if who (Proust, Joyce, (and borges literature masters) lost, people will soothe half teasingly said: & other; Leo & middot; Tolstoy didn’t have the prize, they have what good injustice to complain about! Throughout the &; So, you are too lazy to dispute whether the Nobel Prize for literature disorderly & other Order & throughout; , from the beginning, what eat what, has become widely accepted.

there are so many big and small prize for literature in the world, the jury has different taste and stereotypes, who they love to be awarded to who, literature is not necessarily an additional benefit, the reader may not additional damage, but journalists captured the cultural hot news, also not necessarily how hot. Award-winning writer, of course, are the beneficiaries, with Mr & middot; Wilson’s words, & other; In any case, the winner when received the honor of the contemporary wreath, his reward is better than the past that the gold crown value represented by the material & throughout; The Nobel Prize for literature, dramatically into the Olympia mountain, a writer from the ranks of the promotion to the god. But the winners may like & other; Naked baby & throughout; As the real victims, because their original life order and peace was completely broken.

(the author kai-lin wang For the writers association, vice chairman of hunan province)