Tolstoy’s son to Beijing for the festival Deep impression of food wants to go to the wild Great Wall (FIG.)


Tolstoy son Beijing holiday

recently, 50 Russian family came to Beijing home stay facility exchange received widespread attention, there is a special family & ndash; & ndash; Leo & middot; Tolstoy’s great-grandson, vladimir & middot; The rich & middot; Tolstoy.

last night, in xinjiekou is a quaint little hotel in hutong, Tolstoy accepted reporter’s interview (pictured above). In 2013, he said, is Russia’s & other; China’s annual & throughout; , welcome to Chinese tourists to visit Tolstoy manor.

Tolstoy is now Mr Putin’s cultural consultant, his wife is Tolstoy manor curator of the museum, the museum culture is very interested in the couple visited the day before yesterday, yesterday visited the country and the temple of heaven, the feeling is very enjoyable. & other; Saw China unearthed cultural relics in the museum, than they are now making more elegant, hope these bearing ancient cultural relics have the opportunity to also come to Russia, Russia people a better understanding of China. Throughout the &;

, says Mr Leo Tolstoy Tolstoy manor is very beautiful, Leo & middot; Leo Tolstoy was born there, spent 60 years of her life, his works include “Anna & middot; karenina”, “war and peace” and so on all is done there. Mr Leo Tolstoy holding of gifts & ndash; & ndash; & other; The Chinese version of Leo & middot; Tolstoy corpora & throughout; Said, he also hope that in the process of the tour, the practice of reference for China to maintain and protect the museum.

both Mr Leo Tolstoy and his wife, son and two daughters is the first time to Beijing. & other; This two days to eat Chinese food, was afraid doesn’t seem to agree with them, want to ask them not to eat western food tonight, Mr Leo Tolstoy has said that Chinese food has different factions, willing to try different food, eat Chinese food tonight. Throughout the &; Translation said. Mr Leo Tolstoy told reporters with a smile, two days before the white water rafting in houhai eat barbecue, tasting the roast duck left a deep impression on him, & other; Many of China’s food and health, fun & throughout; . Mr Leo Tolstoy said, today he will visit the Great Wall, & other; Better to show the state of the original & lsquo; Wild & rsquo; Look at the Great Wall & throughout; . (reporter Zhang lu wang)