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zhu tong


xi President took office after the first visit, in the television footage and photos, people saw a familiar figure & ndash; & ndash; Sun translation. During the two sessions, due to the prime minister li keqiang press conference interpreter, sun & other; Fire & throughout; A pair of, in fact, in February 2012, the then vice President xi jinping’s visit to the United States during the sun is the translator. & other; She has been to the leader to do translation, but not so obvious. Throughout the &; The ministry of foreign affairs, director of the interpreter before ding said yesterday, & other; The ministry of foreign affairs translation is one of the best & throughout; .

on some important occasions, always little not translation, zhang lu and zhu tong, the ministry of foreign affairs translation has long been familiar with the general public, but many people don’t understand, how leaders translation into?


strong writing ability also can work part-time concierge

& other; Ministry of interpreter is served as one of the most important translation, the most difficult, such as prime minister after the two meetings every year after the press conference. Throughout the &; The ministry of foreign affairs, director of the interpreter before home ding said. The ministry of foreign affairs translation is how to choose? The translator what qualities?

as a translator, to participate in the Korean armistice negotiation translation work of the house, said ding now foreign translation cadres and cadres must adhere to premier zhou request of 16 words: stand firm and be familiar with the business, the master policy and disciplined. Premier zhou requirement for interpreting is 8 words: complete, accurate, smooth, and easy to understand. Don’t need the rhetorical topdressing from very, very elegant words, as long as smooth, understand.

the ministry of foreign affairs, deputy director of interpreter for xu last year with a net friend online communication, expounds the basic standards of several candidates: the first is the political quality of loyal and solid policy theory foundation of basic skills, can fully understand China’s position and policy meaning. The second is the service quality. She said: & other; Diplomatic translator need to have solid chinese-foreign language foundation, broad knowledge, excellent translation skills, to the psychological quality is stable, fast reaction, to deal with translation of all kinds of complicated situations. Throughout the &; Third, comprehensive quality, a good foreign translation should not only have a thorough knowledge of the word translation language, but also have comprehensive analysis ability and the coordinated ability, can not only refine translation point when necessary, and can also record, newsletters and protocol, truly mastering many skills while specializing in one.