Translator LanRenZhe died: “as I lay dying” into dying

the original sichuan foreign language college deans, translators LanRenZhe died, Faulkner research experts

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Yu Lili) on November 11, a famous translator Mr LanRenZhe died because of illness. Mr. LAN, a former sichuan, dean of the school of foreign language, Canada research association, China & other; The fifth prize & throughout; Prize administrator sig gissler committee director positions, such as literary translation is American writer William Faulkner research expert, and translated works of William Faulkner “light in August”, “wild palm” and Saul & middot; Saul bellow works “Henderson the rain king” and so on, this translation of Faulkner’s as I lay dying was his last translation will do some other works by yilin press and Faulkner launch next year.

YiBi plain, elegant

forestry university teacher Han Qiqun, was Mr. LAN’s students read a master’s. Also through the recommendation of Mr. LAN and guidance, she finally in the path of study of William Faulkner, and elements with LAN “post-modernism questioned history”. When reporter contacted her, she said very sad. According to some of her understanding, Mr. LAN is detected at the end of September thrombocytopenia, later turned into pneumonia, and because of the death of acute attacks.

in Han Qiqun view, LAN is a fine person, love to read the I ching, love tea, love TingXi. Treats people with mild, compared with a scholar, more emphasis on man. She felt very appreciate Mr. LAN YiBi, plain, elegant. Writer Zhao Baitian also said about Faulkner, had been reading li wenjun’s translation, then a friend recommended to him Mr. LAN “light in August, he was one of the many YiBi deeply touched and feel & other Concise & throughout; While & other; Elegant & throughout; .

“as I lay dying” into a dying masterpiece

it is understood that since the second half of 2009, yilin press began planning to publish a set of Faulkner’s corpus, when choosing version, they consider the LAN in translation “light in August showed excellent YiBi, decided to let him to another book translation Faulkner’s as I lay dying, the editor Peng Bo tells a reporter, Mr. LAN is handed in at the end of June this year, the topic of introduction is & other; Who’s dying & throughout; , did not think of a word into astonishment, nowadays, that he died.


born in 1940, from ziyang county, sichuan province. In 1963 graduated from sichuan foreign language college English department, teaches. 1978 & ndash; As a visiting scholar in 1980, the university of Toronto in Canada visiting for two years. Begin to enjoy the special allowance of the state council issued a 1993, a former dean and Shanghai international studies university sichuan foreign language college tutors. Set up the Chinese society of Canada in 1984, served as its President for 10 years, editor in chief of the Canadian encyclopedia, etc.