Unearthed in 2000 in chengdu water conservancy god beast High-status had ju shu in the palace

10 minutes emancipation

before, was born in the eastern han dynasty, 2000 – year – old, about 8 tons weight. More than 20 meters long mobile crane boom, about 10 minutes after the turn

in xiangyun

stout legs, spine stump, bottom round, head slightly acute, hoofed four feet, on both sides of the body with xiangyun



with two years ago in tianfu square south unearthed & other; Wei man & throughout; Monuments are neighbors, who lived & other; Shu wang fu & throughout; Within the

tianfu square unearthed stone beast tracking

yesterday, in the east of chengdu tianfu square in the center of the archaeological site, the old chengdu people heard god beast finally in one thousand did not see long & other; Roll over & throughout; . Archaeological experts bring news of impressive: the head before god beast was born in the eastern han dynasty. That is to say, the sleeping around 2000 god beast, & other than chengdu The old emperor city & throughout; S more distant.

take a bath, wearing xiangyun dew makes

early yesterday morning, its northeast of tianfu square on archaeological sites, to a large crane, simple canopy was removed, god beast waist entangled the green cloth, which in turn & other Bound & throughout; .

At 11 o ‘clock

30 points, staff waving a thin stick, in the beast’s back gently knock a few times, is the farmer drives oxen. Then, as more than 20 meters long mobile crane boom is 3 meters long god beast stood up slowly. Nearly ten minutes later, complete & other; Roll over & throughout; God beast within the agent party stood, majestic momentum.

the chengdu commercial daily reporter noticed that the beast on the left side of the body, are now covered by cement left their mark. According to enter the site staff, under construction in the 1970 s to fix the clock tower foundations, hit upon the beast, so leave a small groove in the beast’s body. Due to various constraints, the beast that was in situ backfill, pile is playing on the ground at the bottom of the beast’s mouth.

yesterday afternoon, the archeologists carefully remove the surface mud and clay, the outline of the beast clearer: slightly pointed head has a protuberant, seems to be on the lower jaw of boundary, etc also with volume moire; On both sides of the body with different sizes of xiangyun pattern; Four feet are engraved with the hoof; Buttocks and tail are angular. According to enter the site staff, the stone statue beasts weighed 8 tons.

may be the earliest large round stone carving sichuan

prior to that, about the identity of the beast, the archaeological department has not been released. Yesterday afternoon, after finished cleaning, including sichuan province cultural relic archaeology, leading people to Lin, Song Zhimin experts, with chengdu institute of cultural relics and archaeological personnel into the core region of archaeological sites, as the beast’s & other; We’re & throughout; .

& other; To be sure, he is a god beast. Throughout the &; Municipal institute of cultural relics and wang said after the end of the exploration, the unearthed stone beast is a statue of earlier round stone carving, the full relief carved stone is quite rare in China, and other May be by far the earliest found in sichuan large round stone carving & throughout; .

what belongs to god beast s this? Previously, there were some speculation that the beast could be today god beast from the five dynasties period, may & other; The river on the sunken treasure & throughout; The relevant. However, wang said, the god beast s & other; Belong to the eastern han dynasty before & throughout; . That is to say, this god beast age, about 2000 years at least. It is understood that the beast was excavated at the end of the formation of shu han to western jin dynasty, according to the shape of the beast and production style that can limit the production s for the qin and han dynasties.

wang also revealed that the god beast, and water conservancy. And, with bing water control is a system.

roots: its birthplace

with & other; Wei man & throughout; Monuments, neighbors, who lived & other; Shu wang fu & throughout;

in November 2010, in the south area of the original department store building site in chengdu tianfu square, unearthed & other; Wei man & throughout; Tablet. Two hundreds of meters apart. So, & other; In one thousand god beast & throughout; And it has direct connection? Yesterday afternoon, wang yi said that compared with the tablet, god beast’s s earlier.

historian ting-dong yuan in chengdu is introduced, according to the years of archaeological findings, to be sure is always the center of the old chengdu tianfu square area. To one thousand, the central region and experience how to change? Data show that in 347 BC, the shu enlightened Wang Jiushi moved the capital to chengdu, built on the chengdu plain & other; Throughout north city & less; , the position in the north of tianfu square area today. Shu qin destroy after Qin Huiwen sent doctor wang yi cheung imitation of xianyang city, adjacent to the south and west shu city points in & other; City & throughout; And & other Throughout the city & less; . The tianfu square today, which is in the qin & other; City & throughout; By west center. The tang dynasty, tianfu square around the exhibition hall, a five hundred acres of lake, named maha pool. Shu left before Wang Yan (wang jian son 11) around the building today, building with & other; Benevolent door & throughout; .

925 a.d., & other; The former shu & throughout; For the later tang dynasty. Since then, Meng Zhixiang proclaimed himself in chengdu, the title & other; Shu & throughout; (history & other; After throughout sichuan &;) . & other; Shu wang fu & throughout; Has survived war, always maintain a position in the center of the city is unchanged.

in the Ming dynasty, the son of Zhu Chun blocked for & other; Shu wang & throughout; , reconstruction & other; Shu wang fu & throughout; . Yellow tiger after fighting in chengdu, had & other; Shu wang fu & throughout; For the palace, two years later, when fire burning city, & other; Shu wang fu & throughout; Destroyed. In the qing dynasty, & other; Shu wang fu & throughout; The site changed to & other; Hiram’s hospital & throughout; .

, according to

ting-dong yuan shu Ming dynasty palace outer urban east wall in today’s area along the city street. The location of the beast’s unearthed along the city street, west of used to be a part of shu wang fu.