Unearthed in shaanxi province meat more than two thousand years ago Can still see pork (FIG.)

data figure

recently, shaanxi provincial archaeological institute of archaeologists in established bay litsun a tomb of qin and han dynasties, the unearthed bronze, and discover the rich meat products. Copper, there are a lot of blocky carbides, after the judgment that could be meat. The meat has been carbide, but still can use the naked eye one shredded meat, retain aponeurosis and elasticity. Through a test a few months, ir analysis and proteomics methods identified the meat as yellow beef. The results and this batch of tombs found in a large number of cattle meat with bones. According to expert introduction, meat products can retain more than 2000 years ago today, in addition to related to the sealing heads of copper, itself, archaeological researchers reasoned that may have been processed and meat itself and burial tomb shape vertical pit holes have a lot to do. (reporter yong-lin Yang, Zhang Zhehao)