Wang meng boring said: “red chamber” search is jia minion often say stand-up

& other; Jia love listening to search stand-up comics & throughout; , & other; Ningguo mansion have a financial crisis, cultural crisis, management crisis. Throughout the &; 2, a famous writer, GongXueGu wang meng’s wuhan library & other; Famous BBS & throughout; Boring said & other; Production & throughout; For his political pattern and the characteristics of the characters in a dream of red mansions, witty humor, let a person find everything new and fresh.

in weak and wang meng, the dream of red mansions has more than ten years, and published the book “red chamber of revelation. As a dream of red mansions & other; Super fans & throughout; , the lecture begins, wang meng to nearly 600 viewers in promoting this classic, & other; Want to read it over and over again, a dream of red mansions is a novel, but also life. Throughout the &; Wang meng thinks, different from the romance of The Three Kingdoms and the “water margin”, a dream of red mansions can research diet, language, love psychology, and so on, which is full of life breath. Interpersonal relationship in the dream of red mansions, power operation, all in the details of life, & other; Wrongs, corruption corruption, as well as the economic crisis, etc., all-encompassing. Throughout the &;

wang meng “dream of red mansions” in the right pattern can be divided into the mainstream and the mainstream. & other; Jia is the queen, the search is prince regent. Jia feng, Jia Zheng, lee Wan, tanchun, aunt xue, yuanyang, attacks, such as ping son are mainstream. Throughout the &; Wang meng said humorously, & other; “A dream of red mansions” in the pattern of the rights and the roles of different. Jia Fu according to roles, it is the highest status, the eldest son jia forgive but real power in jia’s hands, the steward is search in the home, this is one of the main forces in rong-guo mansion. Mandarin duck is jia confidential assistant. Ping is the assistant adjutant and search. Zhao aunt, ZaiYePa Jia Huan’s edge. The treasure jade, dai jade, precious little spring set is centrifugal pie, youth, poetry. Jia baoyu, jia qiang, Jia Qin is one type of cancer. Throughout the &;

when it comes to personality, wang meng evaluation search & other; Is jia’s favourite & throughout; , & other; Because she always said to jia & lsquo; Stand-up & rsquo; So jia is often said that search & lsquo; Monkey monkey & rsquo; , like his pet monkey amuse oneself. Throughout the &; When it comes to way, wang meng metaphor & other; Search is hawkish line and flat son is dove route & throughout; .

wang meng said, Jia Fu dissipation of political resources, talent crisis, crisis management and other reasons, led to a huge family going to decline. He said meaningfully: & other; These lessons and experiences of boom boom and bust, worthy of future generations. Throughout the &; (reporter kristin, correspondent XiaoJie)