Well-known painter Zhu Naizheng died The last exhibition donated hundred pieces

last December, Zhu Naizheng jinghua times interview. Jinghua times reporter Ren Fengtao taken

the central academy of fine arts professor, well-known painter Zhu Naizheng died yesterday, at the age of 77. Zhu Naizheng suffer from liver disease in recent years, his biggest wish is to work to the country. Two days before the death, he will be the last exhibition & other; Black and white things & ndash; & ndash; Zhu Naizheng art thinking throughout the exhibition &; Hundreds of works donated to the national art museum of China.

15 December 2012

relatives and friends for an appointment last exhibition

Zhu Naizheng is the central academy of fine arts the first group of students, oil painting works collected by national art museum of China. He in the application of traditional Chinese calligraphy to oil painting, ink points five colours, with brush painting, works more like a series ink, this is the perfect blending of traditional Chinese and western painting.

Zhu Naizheng artistic achievement is not only due to draw well, more important is that he is the leader of Chinese oil painting art. Many years teaching let Zhu Naizheng plum the whole country, his relationship with a lot of people is also teacher also friends.

on December 15, 2012, & other; Black and white things & ndash; & ndash; Zhu Naizheng art thinking throughout the exhibition &; Exhibited in the epicenter, opening Zhu Naizheng writing calligraphy with the writing brush, ink, and almost black and white canvas, is given priority to with the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition works, more than 2012 new for calligraphy.

this is not so much an exhibition, as a family reunion. Zhu Naizheng classmates, colleagues, friends, students who have to. Including JinZhiLin, JinShangYi, fei-yun Yang in today’s YouHuaJie prestigious artists, and students including HongLing, yu hong Zhu Naizheng prime middle-aged and young artists, Zhu Naizheng has more than eighty – year – old sister also specially came from the other cities.

when someone tells a reporter, Mr. Zhu body is not good, but he doesn’t want to let others know the news.

exhibition work very hard, zhu methodically arrange various matters. Exhibition hall exports have a letter he brushes the thank-you letter to friends, didn’t expect to become mre, the show is zhu his last public appearance.

on July 25, 2013,

industry mourning poet painter

zero three points yesterday, Mr Zhu Naizheng, died in Beijing at the age of 77.

well-known painter jing-bo sun said in an interview, zero 4 points, he received a text message: & other; The death of our dear Mr Zhu Naizheng. Throughout the &; Jing-bo sun was discussed with friends Zhu Naizheng condition, because as the Zhu Naizheng use breathing machine, so their discussion also includes how to arrange Zhu Naizheng afterwards. & other; About 1 PM or so we went to the hepatology 301 emergency ward, the scene has about a dozen people, and I see ever bring us a lot of joy zhu lie on the bed, stopped breathing. Throughout the &; Jing-bo sun memories.

Zhu Naizheng former China oil painting society, vice chairman, yesterday, the academy’s website have all black and white and dichromatic to mourn Zhu Naizheng instead. Famous art theorist, Zhu Naizheng friends water day sleepless night, wrote more than 3000 words of mourning articles & other; Zhu Naizheng & ndash; & ndash; Poet painter & throughout; . Water day, in addition to using traditional European painting tools, materials and methods, Zhu Naizheng life everywhere is the projection of traditional Chinese culture, whether it is knowledge, or temperament interest, he is far better than many contemporary literati painters as painter closer to traditional & other; Literati & throughout; .