Where lu xun once encountering “knockoff” : fake dating his female readers

on February 25, 1928, Mr. Accidentally received a letter from a complete woman. The letter said: & other; Since January 10th in butte don’t seen each other for how long. Former MengYun often communication and guidance & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Greetings, lu xun without rhyme or reason.

, to be responsible for, lu xun immediately wrote a letter to tell the name of the horse lady: oneself has not been to hangzhou for nearly 10 years, so can’t be isolated hill disposed with people, she saw, there must be another person.

on March 17, the horse lady on had heard about LuXunKe a student to visit lu xun. After meeting with elaborate, just know when talking with ms ma in butte, is a self-proclaimed & other; Lu xun & throughout; Of the people. The man Ceng Yun for ms ma guidance and hope often communication, I’ll write with ms ma. But ms ma did not know the address of lu xun, she was sent to enlightened bookstore, they transfer.

conversation, ms ma back to lu xun saw hangzhou the & other Lu xun & throughout; In four age tomb wrote poem: I come to jun ji ju, sensei who Chinese? PiaoPing mountain trails, to stay with male in it. Lu xun swim hang hang friends Mansfield other one, a 0, seventeen years.

to see this, lu xun is not only strange, there are some angry. This poem not only, the tone is too ridiculous. In order to find out the facts, lu xun wrote a letter to was the teaching Xu Qinwen in hangzhou, please him to help to understand about hangzhou & other; Lu xun & throughout; In the case.

at that time, lu xun’s friends in hangzhou, with Xu Qinwen and kawashima et al. They have heard rumours that the students at that time, lu xun came to hangzhou, even someone saw the man in front of the tomb age sense. Xu Qinwen upon receiving the letter from lu xun, and first went to the sichuan island isolated hill at the foot of the age’s tomb, but haven’t seen this sense, perhaps after a long, rain washed out or be wiped.

go back after the sichuan island and Xu Qinwen and to know the situation of young students ask for it. The students said, the & other; Lu xun & throughout; , not far from the pine elementary school, they decided to visit.

the pine elementary school, were they really saw the & other; Lu xun & throughout; . Very coincidentally, the & other; Lu xun & throughout; Also last name & other; Weeks & throughout; With lu xun’s namesake. This person about more than thirty years old, with long slender face, upper lip as lu xun, also had some short beard. He is wearing a white KuGua, small unlined upper garment of the jacket to wear than the average person and to longer, feet wearing a pair of sandals.

Xu Qinwen and sichuan island, this & other; Lu xun & throughout; Is a class holding a pointer. After meet, each other through the name. The man said his name & other; The tripod with two handles & throughout; (later kawashima said about & other; Ding throughout the summer &;) . In order to know the situation, Xu Qinwen they report their real names, not only visitors.

a listen to the man, and self-proclaimed & other; Lu xun & throughout; . The tone of conversation, show not very satisfied to the manners; And showed the appearance of a talent. Said such things, so can only change to the countryside to teach the pupils. This & other; Lu xun & throughout; Also told them that he wrote a book called “hesitation” novels, the pin has more than eighty thousand copies, but in the novel are not satisfied, but also have to write a book.

Xu Qinwen and sichuan island to see this kind of situation, deliberately asking what he also wrote some articles, but he said not to come out. The man seemed to lu xun’s thoughts, life, and not familiar with your work. But why should he claim & other; Lu xun & throughout; , what is the purpose? Also look not to come out at the moment. Kawashima also think this person was nervous seems a little bit not normal, because he kept going on talking nonsense. It seems is so roughly, Xu Qinwen they retire. The & other; Lu xun & throughout; But also enthusiastic about their next time, also said that have anything to ask him, he is ready to guide at such a time, and talking to the horse lady with roughly the same accent.

after return, Xu Qinwen will understand situation wrote by lu xun. After receiving the letter, written by lu xun has a “lu xun’s announcement in Shanghai”, published in the April 2, 1928 of the threads on the fourth (14). A clear statement: & other; I, at least this year and another one & lsquo; Lu xun & rsquo; In, but those & lsquo; Lu xun & rsquo; Of words, and I have to print a book “hesitation” without pin to eighty thousand copies of lu xun’s swear. Throughout the &; IfengLogo (jian-min Yang)