Who lived gai to help gauge: the quarterly DaiTu blackmail money beggar must follow the steps

wuxia fiction, gai so-called world a big help. All beggars are gai, in addition to the strong weak, heavy, and trustworthy, is a famous river lake top right organization, gai wang has passed down from generation to generation high unique martial arts, is one of the most famous & other; Dozen dog stick method & throughout; And & other Dragon 18 zhangs & throughout; . So, in the history of real & other; Gai & throughout; What kind of?

professional beggars, probably first appeared in the six dynasties

according to historical records, is to have begging behavior first, followed by begging. The professional beggars begging for a living, probably first appeared in the six dynasties.

the song dynasty “Tokyo recorded wei menghua” to describe the kaifeng city & other; Sankharas hundreds of households, the clothes have ecru, dare not outside the streets of pedestrians, they know what color eyes, as to a beggar, also have the specifications, a little slack, the permitted by & throughout; . So-called specifications, probably refers to wear uniforms in a particular region or beg for a particular object, and the constraint of group to fulfill the obligations.

the song and yuan literary novel scripts “thin Jin Yunu great lover” to describe a beggar group in the city of hangzhou golden head, his hands of the rod is the leader of the tag, governance, the city beggar proved gai has taken hold in the song dynasty, is a sort of organization scale of social groups. & other; This beggar, low gas, suit the head, and slave, can’t break. Throughout the &; Want to see the gai discipline at that time. Gai head bands have been used to the qing dynasty, not only the symbol of power, can also perform to help gauge, punishment of violations of beggars.

knock cattle bones begging

more and more modern beggar to zhu yuanzhang, is the first emperor of Ming dynasty zhu yuanzhang Zhu Hongwu, who, as a young boy was sent to yuan temple as a monk, but ill-fated zhu yuanzhang and his expulsion, brought house to house begging, tapping cattle bones is starting his legend.

poor house they called bovine bone & other TaiPingGu & throughout; , there are thirteen little two, one may eat two provinces, 13 May eat two times in 13 provinces in the country. That year Zhu Hongwu had highest north, not fame, in the way of typhoid fever, thanks to a poor family who help to cure. When the emperor on the Zhu Hongwu regards, from beggars are used to install TaiPingGu 13 of the two.

otherwise, sing flower drum after begging from Zhu Hongwu conquer the world, to restore the hometown of fengyang, migrating at jiangnan rich one hundred and forty thousand to fengyang, strict law and personal belongs to the person is guilty. Due to successive years, land barren, fengyang displaced the beggar number. So rich man moved to the south every winter to be dressed as a poor family, dive by begging to return home, over time to beg for a possession.

when a beggar also get from master, beggars head unlimited authority, responsible for the site distribution, small a beggar if unable to honor his head, small ayes spanking, flow out of the ground to become beggar is often the case, even suffering from help in kill lynching.

for door to door in the begging beggars, men and women, old and young blind and deaf and lame, are in the poor house. Classification of beggar group portal heavy branch, row has takeyuki, discussing the; Takeyuki have called street beggar, nail head gai, stigma gai, snake gai, etc., or even feel strong for evil form; Discussing the ring gai (TaiPingGu, dozen ferula said rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment and singing hub, etc.), blowing gai gai, poetry etc. Beggars.

gai head extort money according to the season with a disciple

who lived occasional gai habits, lunar year 2, eight months, or during the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, three quarters of the lunar year, beggars head openly bring hordes of beggars into the city, to the traders in the market have a windfall, exact fees. The shops, who had donated gai head type of paper to the store is a gourd, make to the door, yue: shield door. Hood door, group of beggar not.

the article have & other; All brothers no nuisance & throughout; , or no words, only symbols. Stores have this paper, the beggar saw that looked at yet. Article door labeled red paper black gai, extorting money is guaranteed no beggars dare again by daily, as effective as goalkeeper spirits.

if the somebody else have refused to pay the beggar donated, beggars head made of gai by rigging stubbornly, all day long to messuage uneasy make trouble, to compromise. Trouble in order to avoid trouble, the government to them are often turn a blind eye, because they not only large in number, and is not afraid of being caught in jail official meal to eat.

as a result, from door charge gai gai head according to the season with a disciple to donate, usually meet exact XiQian funerals will stretch out his hand, the more help and growing organization, big gai head has become a help a Lord, line points, in order to prevent the outside of the hungry poor to account for the dock. To do with the local government public relations between, practices gai donor can be divided into five parts: a beggar, beggar group in three copies, a, of course, is to honor the rest of the local government.

beggar begging a step-by-step

“gai inline words & other; The beggar & throughout; For & other; Hang rod son & throughout; , the martial arts of the gai wang real bottom should say & other; Son of a pole head & throughout; . & other; Son of a pole head & throughout; The land is the place, the introduction studied, personnel appointment of his control.

gai to help the unemployed, nothing more than a source of bankruptcy displaced without friends who live, abnormal residual weakness, as well as their received without father, without mother of children, and of course there are preferences in Joe’s dress up as a beggar for addiction. A beggar or dirty, to settle into the help.

the help before, are routinely to & other; Son of a pole head & throughout; Kowtow to recognize division, says the & other; Allow the & throughout; To learn skills, following & ndash; & ndash; Begging or stealing. After a period of investigation, the master thought satisfaction, pay them money again, pick an auspicious day, enlightening ceremony.

no rules no fangyuan, gai & other; Ten poor & throughout; & other; BaYao & throughout; & other; Ten commandments & throughout; To help the perfect penetration force.

& other; Ten poor & throughout; Poor: into poor tent, look up, poor father for poor floor; Poor family also speak three cardinal guides theory, poor family also speak three religions nine flow; Poor family whip rod pass world, poor home girdle of all; Poor family sha ji zi (ferula son) hanging ear degrees during the spring and autumn; Poor family of inside, poor family out of the rajah & hellip; & hellip;

& other; BaYao & throughout; Namely: the emperor pro division; Second, we must the granddaddy of enlightenment; Third, we need to honor their parents; Fourth, we need to respect brother love brother; Five must follow the law & hellip; & hellip;

& other; Ten commandments & throughout; Extraction: I quit the rudder (no stealing neighbors and peers); Quit two top lie color lotus () are not allowed to go whoring counterparts’s wife; Three ring of water hair line (not the dirty agent ACTS); Four rings guide groove immediately (not allowed to expose their own do bad things) & hellip; & hellip;

beggar back cloth girdle, a village, shall take from shoulder girdle child put on his arm, carrying a & other; A horse & throughout; ; Into the somebody else in a doorway to put down the girdle, a & other; Horse & throughout; ; After a routine that set of placard call & other; Uncle, aunt, reward points & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Without exports, a line of new sensitive called speech & other Uncle & throughout; Is actually & other; Strong & throughout; As He Zhu benefactor.

for the beggars, relative to the light of day, in case the funerals even if their holiday. Especially white, had a large should be sent to wealth and & other; Son of a pole head & throughout; Then ask some to help, solicit pallbearers, playing FanEr, etc.

gai stoic.it

martial arts novels, the gai to help the widespread, eyeliner, well informed and so on had considerable, director of the collect enemy, a message. Had not formed the jiangnan jiangbei real gai and uniform size, only on the local climate, its own is probably a county, also may be a mansion, a state. All his property on their own, their own gear.

but due to the beggar mountain he was different, then derived the multiple factions. Gai overall measure of history as a whole, has a long, is also a powerful gangs, probably nothing more than fei, li, wu, rope, several high.

fan door

van door in the highest position of gai, it was said that the spring and autumn when Fan Dan. According to legend to help my wife, want to had led the disciple to travel, unique food in Chen Cai almost starved to death, XingYu Fan Dan handouts to help. Grateful, Confucius wrote four sentences with Fan Dan & ndash; & ndash; & other; Fan Dan bodhi old zu borrow rice flour, Confucius should also future; Stick couplets please wait, families don’t neglect. Throughout the &;

the lees door

the lees door is biological mother left behind by the plum was Song Chaoren zong emperor, when the plum was suffering from the effects of the civet cats in prince, were two men in cold kiln, thanks to zhang, li two beggar begs to feed her, then bao Chen Zhou put food, Li Houcai to avenge. In order to thank two beggars for saving his life, the plum was him two artificial flower. The door has tags that shoulder girdle are carry a cloth, this is the plum was first used for containing the emperor given & other; Huanglong silk & throughout; To use, the size is three feet three inches. & other; Order to beg & throughout; That is spread out from the school.

wooden door

according to legend the spring and autumn period, wu zixu for family business through zhao guan, came to wu all is penniless, had to beg in the streets and organ, XingYu wu childe JiGuang, was able to help. The door for the for the granddaddy of wu zixu, its characteristic is beg by playing Musical Instruments, is the real & other; Beggars & throughout; .

cable house

house originally fan of the tribe of the children of the house of a cable, when zhu yuanzhang as travel monk, traveling, fell ill from cold and hunger in the earth temple, thanks to a surname beggars assistance, with the begging to stew boil into soup feeds (emerald pearl Bai Yushang) saved his life. Later, when the emperor zhu yuanzhang, the given name is beggar a cow hipbone, 13 bronze bells and hang on Huang Busui, available in 13 provinces to beg for. From somalia’s name is very famous beggar and self-reliance portal for the house.

somalia’s house is the highest degree in the gai culture factions. This is a lot of beggars usually try to dress appropriately, to busk rather than just begging along the street. Many rivers and lakes in modern martial arts fiction gai disciple image, more evolved from this school. Many early quyi actors and the members of the school, such as said crosstalk takes & other; The poor are not afraid of & throughout; .

high door

high house reportedly was left by the later tang dynasty period wen-ju gao, want to had wen-ju gao highest penniless, open a bamboo tube begging and calculate the fame, from now on all the master hands acoustic, beg by sing happy song.

panton “classics”