Why Japanese like lu xun? Because never had similar writer lu xun

does li jie

in many people’s eyes, the relationship between Japanese, seem to be always hard to tell the & other; Reforming citizens throughout the &; With & other; National position & throughout; Between segments. In high school “side” mentioned in the text within the mountain bookstore boss & ndash; & ndash; Lu xun’s friends in Japan, in his memoir, “my friend” by lu xun, has revealed many details did not previously known as & ndash; & ndash; The mountain within the boss known as Japanese spy, as high as 500000 yuan a month, lu xun said to him, don’t need to care about these rumors. As the rumor also attacked Mr Lu xun as the yen or the rouble, lu xun also dismissed. Died in Mr, xu guangping, caught by day the traitors, 76, in the mountains with the Japanese boss for many times, even sent blankets, xu guangping never received, but when put home, return items are still missing a diary. I think at this point, the spread of rumors have gone missing, and the warmth of our is between two friends help each other, encourage each other’s warmth.

this precious historical information, records the lu xun & other; Enigmatic throughout the last decade &; Many of the real thoughts of fragments, the mountain before and after the boss with lu xun’s experience, and the reason for the Japanese writer like lu xun. In the context of the Sir Said, we also can feel the fearless spirit of sacrifice, respecting the truth and scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts, and his love of youth and freedom a consistent and encouragement. Mr Died, more than 6000 young spontaneously came to the funeral procession, unprecedented, after in China, even in the world, is also rare. Today, I want to look at “the Sir Said,” Mr Review the proposed problem, still has shock power of the soul.

this paper, the boss asked Mr Lu xun in mountain, & other; Alive sage, is he a pro-japanese elements or anti-japanese pie? Throughout the &; Mr Lu xun did not directly answer about it, but I want to borrow what he said in the “to” view, culture of any nation, China, Japan, including the United States and the Soviet union of China also profound, has its thought and cultural advantages, overall affirmation or negate, is not the practice of science. The later intellectuals often keen on & other; Or lu xun & throughout; Argument, but often ignore the foundation they fought together during the period of the may fourth new culture movement. The boss what lu xun internally mountain, for example, China’s most need to learn Japanese strengths & ndash; & ndash; Seriously; To this, Mr Hu also expressed in the biography of Mr Almost for which the Chinese people are so so deeply. And this is reflected by lu xun, with the doctor’s calm and rational.

as a doctor, lu xun of human ills of knife is both fast and hard, but for human life and dignity, is full of love and respect. The doctor is & other; Bitter pills may have wholesome effects & throughout; , & other Saving lives & throughout; While a liar thuggery after honeyed words. Therefore, lu xun hate violence and slaughter, most mercilessly expose various & other; The secret history & throughout; , & other Throughout dragon & wonderful; , the most intolerable is the wrongful death of young students. This is the reason why he repeatedly led the main reason for the criticism of the government. So, it is conceivable that any attempt to slaughter the people’s government, are sworn enemies of lu xun. For the new things, he is full of love and encouragement. His favorite is a new way of literature and art, for example, Europe’s woodcut printmaking, lu xun had its exhibitions for many times, whether Germany’s bold, or Russia’s slender, whether it is a revolution of passion, or decadent and lonely, he will enjoy playing with.

according to the Japanese literature researchers in good, Japanese writers and readers are like lu xun, because today, the Japanese literary world has never been on a similar to lu xun as a writer, this is afraid is the root cause of the Japanese intellectual respect of lu xun. Within the book, the boss of the most impressive mountain, is the chivalrous think lu a little bit Japanese ancient warrior, the tough time will never compromise. In the face of all the people who were oppressed and exploited, the first is to teach their self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, only has transformed himself into the tallest & other People throughout the &; To fundamentally to this group of people, the nation bring new change. In the process, is a long and painful self criticism and self transformation, and in this regard, lu xun made a demonstration in person. From lu xun started writing until this day, for his criticism and evaluation of books, but no one criticism of the more severe than his self assessment, more in-depth bone marrow. This, I’m afraid is the lack of Japanese nation, also does not have the master spirit.

a people love the keenness of the sword, chrysanthemum of quietly elegant, natural easy arrogance is easy to fold, and the lack of introspection and death mistake, must be the beginning of a tragedy. To some extent, only when the two nations in history and culture origin, in the history of ethnic psychology and had similar experience, this kind of mental shock, the first enlightenment intellectuals can notice on the soul. Today, in sendai, lu xun’s birthday every year, will hold a series of activities to commemorate the from China, east Asia, the whole weak nations struggle spiritual mentor. And today’s China, it is mounting & other; Trinket wei & throughout; Type of utility and opportunism, blocking strangulation of criticism and reflection. When Mr Had asked & ndash; & ndash; How do Chinese people lost self-efficacy? I think, whether can you replied, indifference and ridicule of ideal and hope, the lack of self-examination and self-criticism, fear of power, ignoring the injustice and collaboration, is to cause a new wave of & other; O Q” The beginning of a?