Why the song dynasty monk can marry have children? National population need added

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it is well known that monk is can’t get married. Investigate its reason, is because of the marriage, there will be a with children, a household chores around bound, body can’t bear such as come solution, carry forward the dharma everywhere, purdue beings.

since since the eastern han dynasty Buddhism was introduced into China, the buddhist doctrine, though there are many changes, but single out the desire is always constant, and considered to be one of the dharma.

in the song dynasty, however, but the monk marry and strange phenomenon appeared. According to the small plait song dynasty records: & other; Quang nam customs, sit street, many monks, rate is rich. And have families of their own, so the women to marry more in monk. Throughout the &;

“chicken ribs”, ancient notes, the author herein Song Chaozhuang, later generations as Lie and elaborate the vulgarism. Is written in the book gave old news, contemporary fact, many historians available research, the shortage of some can make history; Is written around custom, YiWen trivia, also for reference. As recorded in the book of song dynasty around social conditions and customs, has always been valued by historians and folk experts.

the song dynasty monk especially lingnan area monk why can marry have children? Worldly woman why dare to marry a monk? Investigate its reason, mainly has the following three conditions:

one is Buddha and secularization of Confucianism, two teaching fusion results. After the middle period of tang dynasty, zen buddhist represented by six ancestors huineng expanding the influence of the southern school. Due to the abandoned the troublesome religious ceremonies, emphasizes the heart is Buddha, Buddha in the heart, once people realize that immediately can become Buddha, without special cultivation into the temple for a long time, simplify the procedure, get the welcome of people. In the song dynasty, zen development to a new level, further strengthen secular trends. In the faithful heart, the emperor became & other; Buddha & throughout; . The song dynasty emperor promoting Confucian literati, adopted the policy of fostering tolerance in turn to Buddhism, deepened the buddhist thought and the fusion of Confucianism, which deepened the secularization of Buddhism and Confucianism.

all this, all led to a buddhist discipline is loose. The Confucian tradition thoughts and secular ideas are promoting & other; Filial piety throughout the &; , the so-called & other; There are three unfilial, ways & throughout; . Song dynasty zen promoting Confucian filial piety, no doubt contributed to the phenomenon of the monk marry intentionally or unintentionally.

two national population is an urgent need to supplement the need. After five dynasties and ten states of war for many years, the national population need to complement, and buddhist abstinence just barge with Confucianism of cultivate one’s morality, in order to more adapt to national conditions and public opinion, the monk can marry and raise this kind of phenomenon of the best of both worlds, intentionally or not, you have appeared.

three is due to the song dynasty monk is relatively rich and special groups. Song dynasty temple has estate, mostly can still do business, loan sharking, family income, also committed the crime punishment is lighter, layman into a monk door can also turn away SINS. Is probably due to the interests of fashion, worldly woman feel marry a monk is a good choice.

phenomenon caused by four is lax law enforcement. In fact, the legal system of song dynasty is quite strict, the authorities had been in the form of law clearly stipulates: monks and nuns who may not have sex! In this song MAO and the most rigorous. Northern song dynasty to open treasure five years (972 AD), song MAO: a letter & other; Taoist priest shall not farming wife Nu, existing home, send out the check. Throughout the &; YongXi two years (AD 985) in September, song taizong requirements of lingnan area, local officials will & other; Monk put wife Nu & throughout; The ban on local promote gradually. The song dynasty law: & other; The monks do marry, and marry, each by rape, add a first-class, monks sent braided tube in five hundred. Throughout the &; And the song dynasty law although severe, but enforcement is lax, it had a lot of difficulties in the implementation process.

but when this kind of phenomenon in? When at last? Finally how disappear? The song dynasty monk marry phenomenon have any common sense? What about north? Has yet to be further research.