Wild man: every generation has the dream of justice never beyond 80 s poetry

wild man in “the scholar where” describes a seemed remote hometown. Our correspondent jiegu interviewed taken


and wild, tujia people name shi-ping zheng, born in 1962 in hubei enshi. A freelance writer in China, published poetry, prose, novels, essays, reports, literature, scripts, and so on more than 100 words. In 2006 & other; The third generation poets retrospective & throughout; The & other; Outstanding contribution & throughout; In 2009, & other; 2009 contemporary Chinese contribution & throughout; In 2010, with “the mother river” won the 2010 Taipei international book fair nonfiction awards, where “the scholar” 2012 annual “new weekly” New Year a list of books.

our correspondent Mr Li, bestv’s chief executive Beijing

the scholar where fire quietly. A book of essays, became readers heart collided with each other & other; Wen Lin tips & throughout; .

at the end of 2012 the wild in China university of political science and law university lecture, brave, & other; Edge of town, young dream trip, iron man male education & throughout; , at that time the listener as a cloud, a net friend, college students and the professor has his fans.

wild husband used to be a poet, the era of big bang were surging. In 2004 to start writing on the Internet, the first article is “don’t dream vaguely curse sichuan”. At that time, the wild, not typing, written in pen tablet spent more than a month time. The second article is “the mother river”, to mourn his mother is missing for ten years. After the article on the Internet, caused the wide attention of netizens. In 2006, the wild man ran to the Dali, pick up writing. More time is traveling all over the country. He said: & other; I like to go to visit each friends each master. I more time on the way rather than in the case before. Throughout the &;

in his works, wild, depicts a world. He thinks that there are three words in the Chinese traditional can be respectively used to study traditional Chinese literati: spiderman, implicit, current. & other; A traditional gentry not into the official career, basically these three ways. Man means walk river’s lake, got up and growing; To assist the rulers, the masterminds of current; Not to provoke the rulers don’t mess with the imperial court or not to help the rulers, “is hidden, the so-called totally unscathed. Outside the three way there’s no other way out, of course, each identity can research again & ndash; Like Cain, hidden in the mountains, is a kind of implicit in the street is also a kind of hidden. Because in the street to make a living, many of them to do the card shark or fortune-telling divination, because these people are also have the cultural knowledge. And even hidden in the flow of slaughter dog, this is the inside of the biographies of ranger jing ke, high gradually from a generation. Throughout the &; And wild himself, is a full of river’s lake chivalry figure, with the life to writing.

in May 2012, wild, will this batch of articles collected for where the scholar “, subtitle is & other; Home, old friend, stories & throughout; . Wild man regrets: & other; Personnel all the cliche that was still, today was not still. Although my literature in hometown old story, but I miss home is more of a mental level. In the home of the spiritual level, contains the heart of distant is very simple, very decent, very open one of the world. Some people alive in the world, as if today of the ancients, as if the ancient gentleman, is the era of increasingly scarce. We when reminiscing about those people, is actually to grieve over the death of a pure time. Throughout the &;

see President liu as well the male

time weekly: you are the one who was born in 1962, but the style is influenced by age is not deep, asing if is the vaguely style of the republic of China, also keep the walk all the way from the Ming and qing dynasties sketch the breath, why?

wild man: may I grew up reading. In elementary school in 1968, I graduated from middle school in 1978, is basically in & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; . We are in a remote town, it is difficult to read a book, the school also don’t have a class, I could have a kind of strange curiosity. May be affected by my grandmother, grandmother are a child of a large house, her father is studying in Japan at the beginning of the republic of China in the late qing dynasty law. She went to school as a child, in the republic of China when literacy like this girl is not a lot. When I was a child, is basically the grandmother took me, cultivated my interest in reading. I grew up is to a large house in his town to collect books to read, my middle school basic to the ancient popular zhanghui novel read about, then read tang poetry.

in 1978 the university entrance exam, I was the only admitted to our county no.1 middle school of arts living. I went to college, finally in university library has a chance to see a batch of modern writer works, the original is as poisonous weeds. When I suddenly comes into contact with the classic literature since the May 4th vernacular, very much like the & other; Five four segments & throughout; Mr, or called & other; Put the full body & throughout; . I have a natural feeling that kind of style, it has a base of classical Chinese, but it is the new vernacular, there are also some foreign patterns. From that time is more prefer this style, imperceptible to form a habit. QuFu poetry, I can write, but also can write more authentic, I’m the traditional poetry compare strictly abide by the rules, I can now write standard hexagon prose. Although in contemporary writing this stuff actually is meaningless, but it is a personal accomplishment, like martial arts standing pile, station pile with a fight, no basic relations but standing pile must be the foundation of the martial arts. Over time, I like a bit of the republic of China today are formed the style of the wind.

style of the republic of China, in the mainstream media or inside the university teacher, seems to be broken. But in private, I think there is a faint. Opponent of China has been among the people, the whole the imperial court destruction, is in the inheritance of the people. Lost to the wild, traditionally dynasty overturned, ruling, custom but faint in the folk tradition. For example, I wrote one of my college classmates Li Rubo, he later committed suicide, I wrote on his influence is very big, even my style of writing is influenced by him, he wrote me a few letter remain to this day. The college I was 16, he was 28 college, he is & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Before high school, his grandfather is the school teacher years of the republic of China, is China’s rural intellectuals, ancient village pedant. Lao li each letter I like to read. He is an ordinary man, but I think he’s got wind of the republic of China. I also like to see big letter between intellectuals of the republic of China, yu dafu, feng zikai’s letter is very interesting, that kind of style is very comfortable.

there is also a I haven’t written characters, dai li called Jane. Jane dai li is a years of the republic of China’s university graduates, then in lichuan completely lived the life of a farmer, my father took me after he said: when I was a hut & other; This is our big wets of lichuan, and later into & lsquo; The right & rsquo; Fired. Throughout the &; I read, I go to the home they find Mr Jane at that time is a farmer, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; After the rehabilitate, teaching to get him back. He became a teacher in lichuan a. We are two generation, he was a small one classical fix for the best, he can write standard of traditional poetry, he and I have a lot of poems to sing. Folk heritage in our remote minority areas, instead of dull existence. Between the mountains in China, every county there are such people, retain the adherents of the wind.