Women artists by painting magic “predict” the future husband appearance (figure)

Chloe creation of oil paintings.

Michael and oil painting in the male leading role is very similar.

according to the China Daily reported The British media reported on the 17th, 2009, 31, British female artist Chloe & middot; Mayo from soon moved back to Britain to live, she decided to create a painting to decorate the walls of their new home, at that time was still single Chloe in this painting, depicts the connect dress skirt she dressed in red and a handsome man with long beard under a big tree conjugal love romantic happiness together hand in hand. Chloe didn’t make any boyfriend at the time, in the painting & other; Ideal boyfriend & throughout; The look of pure is traced her according to his imagination.

when Chloe hurried after finished the painting, just because he is busy and will put it in the corner of the sitting room. A few months later, Chloe know a through dating site called Michael & middot; Michaelcorman 30 year old man, two people by email after dating for two months, just start dating.

but when Chloe and Michael date before long, she was shocked to realize that her new boyfriend on the net, Michael and her paintings depicted in & other Ideal boyfriend & throughout; Look so similar, Michael has a pair of long and thin eyes and a face of beard, even hair are very similar, Michael looks and her paintings in the male leading role is just come out of a mold.

Chloe instead to the full of bizarre coincidence painting new boyfriend Michael & other; Scare off & throughout; The affection, on the contrary, they also become more strong. Chloe and Michael meet and date after 18 months, when two people together romance to the south of France on vacation, Michael finally officially proposed in resort to Chloe. In the three years after they met through the network, two people finally happy red carpet hand in hand, hand in hand into the palace of the marriage.

Chloe said, she never won’t believe himself by painting magic predictions out & other; Future husband & throughout; Appearance, but now she believes that all this is fate.