“Women” members are old men Only leader is woman

& other; Going forward, forward, soldier’s duty is heavy, women’s deep resentments & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This is the songs in the “red detachment. Hainan company that the red army of workers and peasants, are women, but in the history of China, & other; Women & throughout; Members appeared for the first time, but the basic are the old gentleman. How is that?

at the end of the sui dynasty, is full of rebellion, the tang gaozu also arise. History says he had a daughter, princess pingyang, had married a man called Chai Shao. To hear ballad knows, Chai Shao is general, the tang dynasty became ling a 24 in heroes.

the couple after we received the news of him, to run a secret. Chai Shao find old father-in-law went to the directly. Princess pingyang, returned to his hometown, spent has the hiring. The princess began to recruit are & other; Fisherman’s mountain & throughout; , namely bandits, then also recruited & other; All throughout the &; And & other; Thieves & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Anyway, composition is complex, is not good harassment.

this mob combat power but not the general, even under the city. Princess pingyang nature is the leader of the army, each to conquer a place, all serious discipline, ordered the troops can’t infringe citizen. So in the long run, reputation spread, defected to more people. In the end, the princess collected many troops? Seventy thousand people!

wait for team development, princess has sent people to find their own dad. Tang gaozu a listen to, and boy, the happy, he went out to meet the princess sent Chai Shao team. Later tang gaozu forces besieged the capital of sui, princess pingyang and set up his own Chai Shao shogun. The so-called shogun, is a wartime command. Chai Shao served as ma manager li yuean forces, the military position is not low. The tokugawa shogunate built such a move, at least as an equal princess pingyang can Chai Shao and place in the military is also quite high. As a woman, in ancient times that kind of environment, this is very unusual.

just because of this, so people called the princess pingyang forces & other; Women & throughout; . This forces by bandits, started with the robber, obviously won’t have any women, so called, refers to the & other; The woman at the head of the army & throughout; , with the light of the princess.