Women talk about Russian literature complex: women with healthy powers


top-down gram si ke respectively in accordance with the works of” the unknown girl “(local), the scattered the braid girl (local) and” can’t comfort sorrow “(local).

western poet of a psychological tradition of respect for women, worship. Ancient promising for Helen and killing hundreds of thousands of warriors of the Trojan war, but both sides have no Helen as a dangerous, in Homer’s epic is repeatedly praise of her beauty, the heroes fight for beauty and die is a noble and glorious achievement. Voice of the pulse romantic times, one thousand years into the hearts of westerners, even in the art of the middle ages of rigid can find distant echo & ndash; & ndash; Medieval knight novel heroine tend to win the heart of beauty are loyal and higher jihadists. The pioneer of the Renaissance Dante because the earth the beauty of love and the right to receive traveled to the kingdom of heaven. Perhaps the creation of the western poets who wears passion are beholden to the thousand years in different degrees and the love of women?

Russian’s harsh living conditions, the vast and desolate vast space for Russia is not only the wealth of the divine, and a heavy burden. Russian thinkers don’t fine, think, Ross national due to the inability to conquer the limitless land, thus giving form and lack of regulation of masculinity, the russians in the nature is more of a female obedience and irrational emotions, concentrated expression of the virgin worship. The 9th century era of kievan rus, Christ is believed to be the end of the judge, all sinners doomed in the presence of Christ. And the virgin with Christ in the kingdom of heaven, is a tough resolute intermediary between god and helpless, she is the protector of all rose. Associated with this belief, icon of the virgin is a powerful spirit, the nomadic people fought against Kiev, rose is the one who was the virgin like hanging on the wall as a protection of the believers.

don’t fine, said the Russian has characteristic of many contradictions, such as advocating authoritarian rule, but also aspire to anarchy. Empire of the tsar’s northern Scandinavia penetration of military system, and anarchism more accord with the Russian nature & ndash; & ndash; Freedom in the history of the fugitives, old church believers, pilgrims roaming the earth is demonstrated. In the history of patriarchal society to overcome the mother rights society, establish a strict system, in symbolic mythology: the establishment of the system in Greek mythology, Zeus Olympia god put an end to the mother to the chaos of the world, and on behalf of the god Apollo, shine light and knowledge, but under the light still hide a dionysian dithyrambs Dionysus secret resistance. The resistance after Nietzsche thick ink rendering with Russia’s national character fit myself, Russia seemed to be the enlightenment rational bacchus Apollo light miss the hometown of jiuquan. On this land, the russians spontaneous attributes to an extreme, if cannot achieve perfect ideal, then let sin into hell. In life under pressure they drinking himself drunk, hysteria, and even the hornets, are ideal was real pain after break out, cry of despair, and to evade his own responsibility. They lack what Hemingway said & other; Under pressure to keep elegant & throughout; He-man bearing. Dostoevsky’s “crime and punishment” in work, have a family by poverty have to fall over his own daughter. Home should burden the male host Mr. Mela madoff, but completely overwhelmed by life, become a drunkard, on the one hand, curse of weakness of their despair, on the other hand more thoroughly into the life of the sludge. He seeks in the glass is not happy, but sadness and tears, only the sympathy of Christ and save the only fantasy. Nietzsche said that Christianity is the Gospel of the weak, it is no wonder that Russian men after a setback, it is difficult to make up the spirit of service, often desperate, seek comfort in religion.

on the contrary, women have a more healthy power of Russia. Russian artist created a series of Russia’s wives, teenage girls and mothers of the classic image. Poets who dedicated the best poems to women around, singing Russian women’s beauty, purity, kindness, loyalty, diligence, brave. The ideal of Russia, the Russian character in them to get the most perfect embodiment. Face troubled Russia’s destiny, their perseverance, bitter brace crisis seems to provides a guarantee for Russia’s future might be saved. How much their mental state and behavior for the mighty man, a sense of inferiority make how many heroes, their fate is so difficult, however, they need to fight not only social corruption, environment of the vulgar, and hidden in the heart of the bias and conservative.

gest of pushkin “cover, & middot; Eugene onegin” heroine JiYaNa, have been receiving country nature scenery and folk fairy tales nourished, no contamination of vulgar shallow aristocratic society. Regardless of her custom block when young, active pursuit of love, As an adult to marry an old general, but resisted the temptation of first love, firmly on the side of traditional morality. This emotional restraint create extremely elegant poetry: whether to provincial rural backwater, or in the neon of upper salon, she always very calm, with a look of her speech always elegant nobility, because she kept pure desire for beauty and kindness, that a warm pure heart of loyalty.

all previous dynasties writer after pushkin, under the tower JiYaNa inspiration, from the Russian women realize the freedom of true beauty and art. In turgenev’s rudin, the home of “aristocrats”, “eve,” the father and son “and so on work, the author through the changes of the aristocratic families and young women love story, successfully reflect major changes of Russian social and political life, the heroine compared with indecision, premature aging of the hero, is full of national wisdom and the youth vigor, their choice should be Russia’s good young men espouse is the touchstone of truth. Okada after love, Mr Burbage los mo, keen to positive caleb ORR a anti-european the sleeping beauty fairy tale of love pattern, willing to burn myself to wake up the sleeping prince, hope to rescue the patrician poison and unable to extricate themselves, Mr Burbage los of moab. Ostrovsky in “thunderstorm” representative plays cajal lina is & other; A ray of light in the dark kingdom & throughout; . Nie carat “in praise of December party’s poems, depicts the & other; Wives & throughout; Has experienced many hardships, courageously on the Siberian exile, harsh natural environment are destroying their health, but can’t wear them for the faithful and unyielding love and truth.

two 19 th-century Russian realistic literature is dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, the highest peak in their works, the ideal female models are often contradictory: above mentioned Dostoevsky’s “crime and punishment”, which praise & other The sanctity of the prostitutes & throughout; , willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of his loved ones, with pain and tears baptism to himself, mentally save committed iniquity fallen father and fiance, after the extremely underrated for extreme sublimation; Tolstoy warm praise women’s leading role in family life, in the “war and peace”, “Anna & middot; karenina”, the green girl natasha and young woman Anna, heart is permeated with the vitality of life, the struggle in the joy of love and positive, they with their desire for pure life, dismissed the spiritual all hypocrisy.

at the beginning of the 20th century, gorky’s masterpiece “mother” is known as the cornerstone of proletarian literature, which portrayed mother echoed the plot of the virgin sacrifices parent-child, support her son noble cause, witnessed the son after the trial, resolutely to undertake the important task of son unfinished. When the Russian male depression, or in prison, it is these Russian women show & other; Under pressure of the elegant & throughout; .

Russia is a disaster-prone country, through bumpy remain tough, have been hit still stubborn, weak female wen wan sorrow, always accompanied by a Cossack loud and warsong, fills the air in this vast land.

xu author units: the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of foreign literature.