Word nod to qianlong drive makes heaven take field: build do in 47 years to build (FIG.)

qing qianlong drive Jin Tao sheath day word 17 proton broadsword. Gardner for figure

2012 autumn shoot an unveiling of Chinese, will present the Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain arts and crafts furniture, painting sculpture, ancient rare books, watches, jewelry jade category items, a total of more than 3300, will be held on October 25 to 27, preview, on October 28 to 31 auction, all international hotel conference center in Beijing.

international auction co., LTD., director of the President of Chinese wang yannan said her: & other; In early October, we just successfully hosted the first auction in Hong Kong, more than 320 items of the total turnover amounted to 455 million Hong Kong dollars, which boost the confidence of autumn sales this year. This autumn we shoot for collectors numerous items of quality good, category is rich, and there are many good debut, hope people together, enjoy the beauty of art. Throughout the &;

the autumn boutique, in addition to numerous rare collections for collectors in top-level feast, she also actively explore new special made art category is more diversified.

dong qichang, led by the ancient painting and calligraphy

the ancient calligraphy and painting part will set up three special performance, assemble more than 200 pieces of art. Four nei qing collection and description will appear in the Shi Qu Po shu works, including one of the most important painter in Ming dynasty dong qichang three works the imitation huang gongwang inferior DaLing figure “imitation big delusion landscape, running script ZuoGuangDou preach and Zhang Zongcang yamadera cloud landscapes. Among them, leading the work dong qichang “imitation huang gongwang inferior DaLing figure” appearance in the market for the first time, the as dong qichang in later work meticulously, in the famous huang gongwang inferior on the graph is chasing a copy of the object, with the power of his life, eternal legend written inferior mountain. It is reported, this work appraisal to ask, will inevitably become the focus of the field collectors to chase.

contemporary painting caught QiuZhi

contemporary painting part, will elaborate present six special more than 600 pieces, and special projects & other; Most landscape & throughout; Special focus on display & other; Generation and Confucianism, wind & throughout; , & other Sketch the truth & throughout; , & other Throughout my home & joy; Three projects. Among them, qi baishi “flower four screen” for painters during the 87 – year – old, as the representative of the white stone old man painting creation stage works. In the face of contemporary painting market from 2010 to 2011, she has said, in the autumn of more emphasis on how to consolidate the existing market, the collection of works, the reduced number of items, the quality of voltage control.

drive makes jack led spotlight

special porcelain arts and crafts furniture part presents eight nearly 1000 works. Particularly focus is the three pieces of qianlong drive makes jack & ndash; & ndash; & other; Qing qianlong Jin Tao sheath & lsquo; Day word 17 & rsquo; & lsquo; Proton & rsquo; Throughout this waist &; , & other Qing qianlong chisel foetus enamel eight auspicious wings triton & throughout; And & other Qing qianlong enamel paint amitayus cave & throughout; . Nod to the most impressive one day word, it is a national level cultural relics, is the qianlong emperor personally, does take place 47 years of ninety to drive makes one of broadsword. Furniture parts, & other; Orange with the physical & ndash; & ndash; Ming and qing classical furniture & throughout; Special performance will be launched more than 40 pieces of bright type chrysanthemum pear, rosewood furniture, and qing four essays.

special painting sculpture more diverse

the Chinese oil painting and sculpture, there will be four special more than 200 works, for the first time & other; Throughout the human body art performance &; And & other; Inspiration & throughout; Special art design. In the early 20th century painting part, Li Tiefu 30 s scenery overlooking a waterfall is extremely precious. Masterpiece of realism, Chen yuan, YouJinDong masterpiece “middle-aged”, ai early products such as appearance. Contemporary art in the plate, Wang Huaiqing “couch” quite bright eye.

ancient rare books, there will be more than 180 works, including six pieces of national level cultural relics, including three days lu qing full of books. In addition, there will be a modern famous literati hanhai assemble together; Fell, have Song Ta several books to collectors, to “Song Ta for seat post” led.

there are also two special special & other; Have MeiAn offered home-cooked & throughout; , & other Yuan woo hin hidden throughout Jane &; And watches and jewelry, jade units of continued warming in recent years, the same wonderful not to be missed.