Writer jia pingwa: Chinese literati for era sets for the society (FIG.)

jia pingwa

jia pingwa: Chinese literati for era sets for the society

editor’s note: “speech in the yanan literature and art symposium” comrade ago published for the 70th anniversary of the sinicization of marxist literary theory, a shining example of a popular and nationalization, still has great practical significance and guiding significance, and the broad masses of literary and art workers in our country is in the “remarks” under the guidance of, and continuously made fruitful results of literary and artistic creation, the famous writer jia pingwa is one of the representative writers. Flowers bloom in the endless the guanzhong plain, the land of golden rape beautiful season, we had an interview with jia pingwa & ndash; & ndash;

reporter: Mr Jia pingwa, you published since 1973, nearly 40 years of writing career, version up to more than 300 kinds of published works, just for the novel creation, there is “culture”, “pregnancy”, “around the mountain”, “oil the moon”, “impetuous” and “fei”, “white night”, “division”, “disease report”, “miss Wolf”, “qin”, “happy”, “ancient furnace, etc.; Also have created ZhongDuanPian collection “mountain notebook, the miscarriage before this, the twelfth month & middot; the” day, “the dog”, “black’s”, “beauty point to”, “dumplings”, “artist han up auspicious”, “the soldier Eva” “the ugly stone”, “creating sound” and so on; At the same time, you are good prose writer, published a essays “on track”, “accomplishments”, “traces of love”, “shandong province”, “three bakeries record”, “speaking”, “sitting Buddha”, “knocking at the door, do a free man,” worm “and so on, is really a fruitful ah & ndash; & ndash; Can you tell me something about your literary creation and life?

jia pingwa: I 60 this year and in the literary world is the one with longer time. I once won the first short stories of the whole country, that is the first domestic awards in the new period, together with me at that time the prize of 20 or 30 people, they generally don’t write novels now, only I still insist on. Come to think of the decades, entered the literary world by education is actually the yanan literature and art symposium in MAO zedong’s speech, almost every year in the study. I feel like I was the basis of literary creation is lower. Because at that time the entire social soil of literary creation is in poor: and western literature did not entirely to China. So the whole literary atmosphere is not very strong, the overall writing level is not high, I just on the basis of this might a blade, so congenital deficiencies, malnutrition.

this decades along the way, the reason has not been eliminated, continued to write, because I often say the two words: one to keep a fresh relationship with real life. At least you want to have a better understanding of the society, and the society will remain a special relations between fresh, lively; Another in the process of writing, you must keep looking for the breakthrough point, or is always something new out of it. I am now 60 years old, is basically and people in their 20 s in a piece of writing, literary selective particularly brutal. So you only have to grasp these two points, so that you can write a little more, to write better. Such is my for decades.

insist and keep a kind of living attitude of life idea, strictly speaking is also affected by 5 & middot; 23 “speak” the result of education. Because “the speech” is at the time of the special environment of chairman MAO to do some of the literature and art, it has the historical conditions at that time, to now in the past decades, social change, said a lot of places not well suited to the current situation. But one thing hasn’t changed: be sure to think of is for who wrote it & ndash; & ndash; Is written to the people. Must to life, for the people. My generation writer are over the age of 50, social responsibility, suffering consciousness, I think is better than the young. We ve been writer by which a more traditional education, Chinese literati’s world for accountability, for time, speaking for the society.

reporter: as early as in 1938, MAO zedong in yan ‘an LuYi speech is profound, points out that college of art to create & other; With lofty ideal, rich life experience and good art skills & throughout; Literary and art workers, you rich and achievements of literary and artistic creation, this thesis of comrade MAO zedong was verified, is that right?

jia pingwa, chairman MAO said the words, I feel particularly good, also accord with the development of the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literature a rule.

as a writer, now will often speak with literary ambitions, and MAO zedong is a lofty ideal, truth is the same, but now more speak & other; Ambition & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Think things out in the business, the goal is not just I write articles or engaged in a what things, only to a few dollars or tens of thousands of dollars, or go out a nickname or something. These are all the little interests and goals. Everyone make literary creation, at the beginning when he is a kind of interest, a hobby is to engage in writing, when writing to a certain extent, can produce a kind of responsibility, sense of responsibility. What is the sense of responsibility? Just think now that literary career, feel also can write, will think of some way to want to write better in the business, then your eye is different, there will be a kind of ambition, make oneself of the creation of some brilliant plan. Once you have chairman MAO said such a lofty ideal, can solve many problems. Such as bear, such as name of interest, and so on. In addition, the literature creation should have rich life experience, this is what chairman MAO said into the thick of life. Because into the thick of life is the most basic rule of a literary creation. Nothing to take what to write li in your stomach? No matter what you write, you have to know you want to write the kind of subjects, you can write something good, this is the most basic requirements.

in fact, MAO zedong was talking about some of the most basic things are the literary works, but is often some of the most basic things, people but also neglect, or not doing enough. Because it is said in 1938, it basically and words now, but the meaning is the same, if you can achieve this at 3 o ‘clock now, that certainly will be able to write good works.