Writer said zhu yuanzhang not pockmarked face: ma he big face good-natured (FIG.)

experts said the horse face and pockmarked face of zhu yuanzhang portrait & other; Legend & throughout; Zhu yuanzhang, the right side of the old qing is the true.

the Ming dynasty’s founding emperor looks like? Recently sun yat-sen’s mausoleum to the public solicitation of zhu yuanzhang statue attracted many users and history lovers.

the nanjing government in its official weibo & other; Nanjing release & throughout; Posted three zhang Ming portraits of MAO zhu yuanzhang’s most widely circulated, including horse face the emperor emperor, pockmarked and good-natured, big face the image of the emperor.

is the author of “the Ming dynasty zhengde years of stopping people embarrassing” (a pseudonym), the famous painting of the writer trusted in his micro blog post, said the horse face and pockmarked face of zhu yuanzhang portrait & other; Legend & throughout; .

in the costume history researchers, the author of the “Q edition daming clothes’ disposition, pick, Ming dynasty mausoleum of hadrian research association member fang master (a pseudonym) on weibo, had post horse face of zhu yuanzhang portraits of the source, according to the textual research, and other In the three figure will only have the emperor, like a lot of clothes is wonderful mix build, including headcloth, round collar robe of uncle face portrait belongs to flat & lsquo; Works of emperor & rsquo; , I do not know after what twists and turns, has become one of the folk image alienation of Ming emperor. Throughout the &;

& other; This piece is later generations see the drawing, including leather belt, the style of the dragon, do not belong to the style of the Ming dynasty; At the same time, the work is also very private. Throughout the &; The prince told reporters.

the prince confirmed, only the good-natured, big face portrait of zhu yuanzhang truth, & other; Is zhu yuanzhang middle-aged (portrait), as the old qing, and after the song dynasty emperor royal capacity is a set of. & other; Whether drawing or know about clothes, a see be court painter in Ming dynasty, and the same series and a Ming emperor old pictures, is in the high school history textbooks used by zhu yuanzhang portrait. Throughout the &; Why the horse face pockmarked zhu yuanzhang portrait is so widespread, the prince thought, & other; Estimation is curiosity, ugly more eye-catching. Throughout the &;