Wuhan music for liu xiang to write a song Attract netizens intense criticism

write a song for liu xiang, who caused the blame of countless

wuhan musicians response netizen

this song written for liu xiang, also wrote to his

just yesterday, we all know the liu xiang injuries CCTV’s interpretation of the Olympic Games in a variety of insider, a quiet bitterness of events in the near future. Between a blatant, musicians have a wuhan still adhere to the original idea: give your writing a new song to liu xiang, to share my thoughts on life with the world. However, he seems still needs as well as in the past half a month, to the strong in the face of overwhelming online criticism.

wuhan musicians Wan Fei over the past decade has focused on children’s song creation field. After the wenchuan earthquake in 2008, his “child, you don’t be afraid of” once in the CCTV broadcast, moved many people. Pure and simple nursery has been immersed in music, he had never thought that song would attract most blame for him.

Olympics live on the same day, with the national audience Wan Fei witnessed the liu xiang fell down. Wan Fei original idea and many others, & other; Too will show. Throughout the &; However, kindness and enthusiasm will he brought to the other direction: for liu xiang to write a song. & other; 8 in the evening on the Internet to see his message to the parents & lsquo; Bar was there, I also want to cross over. & rsquo; This message and let me have the creative impulse. Throughout the &;

just spent three days time, Wan Fei and partner completed the “I also want to cross the past.” & other; Didn’t waste any time. Just want to send this song to liu xiang himself, also to all the people who encounter setbacks in life. Throughout the &; In liu xiang back on the same day, sohu sports bar net home page recommended this song. & other; In fact this song was written for liu xiang, it is to our own, can’t always be smooth sailing in life, met a tough to do, across the past. Throughout the &;

bumpy than he imagined.

s a group of angry netizens

Wan Fei little bubble BBS bubble posted on the Internet, don’t know the fierce online criticism. “I also want to cross the past” on the network, by many websites quickly, quickly brought a lot of criticism.

as all of the hot issues, the netizens’ criticism is very sharp and full of imagination. Open the relevant web pages, all kinds of comments speech spewing out, its content can be attributed to two directions: the author wants to hype by liu events themselves; The author is liu interests to hire writers; And many more vulgar and personal attacks jokes & ndash; & ndash; This section applies to any event, often surf the Internet, familiar and Wan Fei felt very angry: & other; Writing music for liu xiang to famous, is that why write songs for our country? Why is writing music for the disaster area people? Why is writing songs for children? See the comments very speechless! Throughout the &;

as for the net friend the so-called & other; Liu interests & throughout; , Wan Fei only a wry smile. & other; High lift me, how could I have contact with them! Throughout the &; Nursery Wan Fei think, or go back to do good, & other; Clean. Throughout the &;

s a & other; Throughout China’s good voice &; The story of type

“I also want to cross the past behind a” & other; Throughout China’s good voice &; Type of the story: Wan Fei career after the children, you don’t be afraid of have smooth sailing, but suddenly, his son was diagnosed with serious disease. Over the years, in order to give his son, he finished all his savings, life increasingly poor, but he is still trying to maintain their own music studio, adhere to the nursery to make his new album. The year before, his “glass slipper” won the gold medal CCTV children’s songs, but this year of song but due to various reasons, not for the final. It is this personal circumstances, make him in to see liu xiang fell produced a unique touch.

& other; My life road, there is a road bar, I also want to cross over. Throughout the &;

reporter Tina lee