Wuhan secular flavor snack fusion: a day from a bowl of hot-and-dry noodles (pictured)

qingshan district at a night market, the cook on the grill roast shrimp series.

at this time as the wuhan & other; Shrimp season & throughout; When is the most fertile crayfish. So, shrimp has become wuhan people of choice of food taken late at night. Gate pier numbness in hankou day burn snacks, several cook shrimp balls for a while in the open.

wuchang railway station, a do hot-and-dry noodles and eel the breakfast shop, the shop early around the streets of wuhan.

standing on the yellow crane tower can be far view of the Yangtze river, some gloomy weather, ferry hard to emerge in the Yangtze river. Built in 1957 in the Yangtze river bridge across the wuchang and hanyang, locals call & other; A bridge & throughout; . Now, including those under construction, bridge across Yangtze river in wuhan with a total of eight. Three towns of wuhan cut by han river and the Yangtze river, the formation of the pattern, wuchang, hanyang, there are many different temperament of hankou. Wuhan as a land of thorough fares of nine provinces, the local cuisine is also a fusion between the north and the south, by the terminal commercial port culture infection, all kinds of snacks, all kinds of food taken late at night. Wuhan food hints at wuhan people’s temperament: plain, lively, full of secular world of fireworks.

early: starting from a bowl of hot-and-dry noodles

critics of anhui li graduated from fudan university in 1989 assigned to wuhan changjiang daily, registration address in binjiang road. He figures from the office window to see the Yangtze river, to just know, river is far from here, and are loading and unloading cargo wharf. A few years at first, he hated the city as a big country, until ten years later, he began to like the secular and busy here. Today, he has and all people of wuhan hot-and-dry noodles habits from a bowl to start a day’s life. Whether love hot-and-dry noodles, is almost a wuhan person standard of taste.