Wutai mountain Buddhism in common people: nearly thousand faithful blessing prayer

xinzhou news agency February 15 (Reuters) : the wutai mountain Buddha in common people: nearly thousand faithful blessing prayer

the author Wang Yanjun

a few days to the Spring Festival, the Chinese buddhist shrine wutai aross everywhere, snow mountains, a buddhist atmosphere, nearly thousands of followers from home and abroad together with local people and monks held a variety of common mood activity, point wood-pile, like god, please god of wealth, & other; Lu ma & throughout; ; Holidays with temple monks, hit the first sound of the clock, the first rays of dawn.

15, wutai mountain scenic area in shanxi release news center, during the Spring Festival golden week in 2013, the Chinese buddhist shrine wutai accumulative total 95600 tourists, up 10.01% from a year earlier.

shan-tarng Chen from Hong Kong is one of the many people, she said: & other; In the wutai mountain appreciates the thick NianWeiEr at the same time, also feel the morning bell and evening drum reminders, wishing blessings and many other common customs in the original Buddha. For many city people here & lsquo; Escape & rsquo; Tension and noisy life, traced to the Chinese New Year of the of primitive simplicity is pure taste. Throughout the &;

since the lunar December 29, wutai mountain huang temple of bodhisattva top traditional & other; Jump ghost & throughout; (Tibetan dance: king kong dance, also called TiaoBuZa) activities will attract many people to participate in, this is the local monks for eliminating disaster to the Chinese and foreign tourists exorcism, and also welcomes the arrival of the New Year.

TiaoBuZa originated, wutai mountain is one major buddhist activities held each year. According to introducing, the day before the activity, the custodian of the temple monks began to read classics, king kong dance, at the top of the bodhisattva & other; Ghost town & throughout; , & other Vampires & throughout; , big, two monks wear emperor give clothing, outside column monks wearing a mask dress up 20 BaSu, on the circle, step according to the circle line, supplemented by his gestures. Through this activity to ward off evil, auspicious aetna.

the wutai mountain authority Liu Binglong introduction, wutai mountain not only retained a large number of relics hexiang, geological relics, as a nation and harmonious ties, but also has a full Mongolian and Tibetan history of han and so on more than 10 nationalities live together, gradually formed a characteristic of common people.

until people and wutai mountain than FoGe (wuye temple), both inside and outside still altar vows is crowded. For a few days to xiantong temple, brigitte yamadera, south yamadera many temple held a grand master, prayers for national prosperity, people’s happy life.

according to the statistics, only on the third day, wutai mountain scenic spot is, every 18200 people during the Spring Festival golden week income of RMB 57.36 million.

since 2003, wutai mountain every year in the second year of the lunar month, 18 and held during the day of the first lunar month 18 & other; Buddha throughout year & common people; . During the temple every day update buddhist practice activities, the lion dance, eight tones, bohanchuan, dancing, playing jan, walking on stilts and distinctive red lively show also in succession.

& other; Well-known Chinese and foreign buddhist shrine and resort of wutai mountain, deep Buddhism culture, the royal culture, ecological culture and the cultural revolution, by historical heritage, filtering, cohesion, the formation of of primitive simplicity, unique folk culture, make the domestic and overseas tourists to the believers face. Throughout the &; Liu Binglong said.

wutai mountain is located in the northeast of Shanxi Province, and sichuan, anhui jiuhua mountain, putuo mountain in zhejiang are called & other; China’s four famous mountains of Buddhism & throughout; . At present, only Taiwan huai town well-preserved temple has 47 seats, constitute the existing largest buddhist GuJianQun east Asia and the world, is China’s largest and earliest international buddhist temples. The