Xianyang to invest 800 million yuan to build museum buildings in the big dipper layout as a whole

reporter learned that, the investment of about 800 million yuan of xianyang museum to break ground before construction, the hospital was built under the ruins of the qin dynasty tableland, plan 3 years to build.

xianyang museum construction project is a major project, xianyang cultural huimin experience for more than 20 years of a long preparation, including three degrees are all fruitless. In xianyang and qin and han dynasties new city management committee of the municipal party committee, backed by leading international and domestic first-class xianyang museum on November 22, break ground under the ruins of the qin dynasty tableland.

xianyang museum main body by the national science and technology achievement award winner, the first academician of Chinese academy of engineering, famous master jin-qiu zhang presided over the design of architecture, building the overall layout of the big dipper, fusion of traditional and modern style, chunking GuanLian building structure form, in accordance with & other; WeiShui penetration is to like day han, cross the bridge crossing the south, and petunia & throughout; The idea, in the qing dynasty palace architecture, for intention, use the technique of modern design.

it is understood that the xianyang museum covers an area of 409 mu, total construction area of 37170 square meters, nearly 800 million yuan RMB, the investment plan 3 years to build. Xianyang after completion of the museum as a social and cultural institutions, not only bear the protection, collection, and historical relics of the qin and han dynasties, also bear the social culture and promote the development of the society, to improve the new social environment and infrastructure, qin and han dynasties, the development of education and strengthen the protection of cultural relics are of positive significance. (reporter hai-long xue)