Xiaogang ye: makeup to create a new era of music culture

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this week, sponsored by the central academy of music to the ninth festival will be prosperous in the national grand theater, the national centre for the performing arts orchestra, China philharmonic orchestra, the China national symphony orchestra, the Beijing symphony orchestra, the Macao orchestra five heavyweight band together in China & other; Modern music & throughout; , under the banner of a full range of Chinese and foreign music masterpieces of modern Chinese premiere, make the past learning hospital & other Entertaining & throughout; And & other Small & throughout; , & other; Upgrade & throughout; Became a greater social influence and try to blend in modern social life of important cultural activities and news events, the festival art director, associate dean of central music xiaogang ye said: & other; We put these has become a modern classic music show, is to let people know the height of the modern art had to open the young people’s field of vision, create a new era of music culture. Throughout the &;

: start from & other; Parrot & throughout; Start

after nine years of Beijing modern music festival didn’t happen overnight, xiaogang ye said, & other; Nine years ago is starting from the parrot. At that time, I learn from Europe back to home, I think these cultural metropolis Paris, Vienna has its own modern music festival, we should also have in China, and then pushing founded the Beijing modern music festival. Throughout the &; Xiaogang ye called the pioneer & other; On the threshold of his simple & throughout; 100000 yuan, the money for 6 years. Some things can only on less money and famous MingTuan can not afford, just settle for second best. But overseas musicians are supported, in terms of modern music art, everyone knows this is a breeding area, no one will be the lion big openings, understanding is more important.

not whoever helps them later, with perseverance, have gradually influence, starting from the 7th national see tangible results of modern music festival and potential social influence, the financial support of the state council also increasing year by year, has reached the highest 6 million yuan this year. Money can do more bigger business, home of the 5 band are almost volunteered to join. Xiaogang ye feel breath please five big symphony orchestra is indeed some courage is too big, & other; In the world, even if is the world’s most influential ISCM modern music festival, is also up to please a symphony orchestra is vigorous. But the Beijing modern music festival this feat, make up a missed lesson is to give the Chinese music industry and the audience, the orchestra pieces quantity need nature is much. Throughout the &;

a keeper: pushing & other; Young China plan & throughout;

concert is the level of Beijing modern music festival float on the surface glitter, and the push & other; Young China plan & throughout; , is in the depth of the culture and spirit temperament level building, creating the culture of music talents in the 21st century. Xiaogang ye think that the current China while in the field of economic take-off is amazing, but as the national image is the lack of culture on the international influence and charisma. & other; Although China has nearly four hundred Confucius institutes abroad, but I’m in Europe and the United States some countries face the ordinary citizens research found that their cognition of Chinese culture basic stay in Peking Opera, kung fu superficial cultural symbols, such as for modern Chinese cultural spirit, but almost nothing. If, in turn, this just shows that we also pay attention to the economic development over the years, contempt, and cultural development, despise the national spirit of morality of reality. Can science and technology in a short period of time is replaced by a relentless, while culture is the accumulation of time. Throughout the &; Xiaogang ye list & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; Since China’s culture, thought, art, science, they build up the modern building of Chinese cultural spirit, but after one hundred, or the tsinghua university, and the north, our education has turned out some of what kind of person? Where are we in the new century of the Chinese nation culture spirit?

& other; Social change is the heart and the heart of the change in culture. Throughout the &; Xiaogang ye think, in the cultural spirit, music is the most powerful, & other; Shape the spirit of Chinese music culture of the new century, to promote social harmony, national spirit soar. Throughout the &; & other; Young China plan & throughout; And the last launch & other; Young composer plan & throughout; Are based on the idea. & other; Young China & throughout; Due to a century ago CAI yuanpei in put forward the slogan of the new century, the program invited worldwide potential outstanding Chinese young composer & other; Young composer league & throughout; Popularized, the concept of innovation through alliance, formed with characteristic of Beijing modern music festival young composer group. On May 25 in Beijing concert hall debut, will become & other; Young China & throughout; The first cry.

xiaogang ye also elaborate the closing ceremony of the modern music festival “, 1911-2011 “concert set of tracks, best music WeiYao has just won the Pulitzer prize contemporary composer zhou long creation symphony” 1911, “WeiYao young Chinese composer Zou Hang symphony” 2011 “. To do a summary on a one hundred, and ask for the next one hundred, & other; Caution to put increasing stress in China & throughout; .

self-help: & other; Send Alma mater plan & throughout; Western works

has now achievement of western & other; Send Alma mater plan & throughout; Become the brand of Beijing modern music festival, there are 30 first created and for the record. Xiaogang ye admitted that the plan should be a have a more charitable activities of the operation of the social institutions now rely on several of school teachers and students physically obligations, it is not realistic to make all arrangements. When it comes to the purpose of this plan, xiaogang ye said, is because I saw so many of the poor children in remote areas without music education and music nourish the heart afflictive, & other; As long as the children with music touched, I will meet. For the future, I think, self-help is not then see the result of the long-term, but every journey begins with a single step, musician can’t do anything, also won’t change anything, a little change is satisfied. Throughout the &; Xiaogang ye said, at present the school song is the lyrics by western local primary and secondary school principal or teacher, central academy of music composition of the teacher and the student composition, all is the creation of the point-to-point, advantage is that the students are singing specially written for his school Alma mater with pride and ideas of advantage, disadvantage is not widespread, other school children is difficult to share the happiness.

traders: art director determine standard of music

what kind of art director will have what kind of festival, festival of the location, orientation, level and taste, are determined by the art director. As the Beijing modern music festival xiaogang ye think that is one of the important traders & other; Has a rich music culture, there will be a stronger national spirit charisma, cohesion and confidence. In the international community, will also have greater cultural appeal and international prestige, have more international voice. Throughout the &; For xiaogang ye, is the most challenging work, is the direction of modern music festival. & other; If the platform is provided by the school of music activities, of course, will affect the construction of college academic; If the composer is the highest representative of music forms, is the highest display of human ability in the field of music spirit, society will need to prove that music can reach the height of the work. Throughout the &; The five high-level concert of modern music is also the embodiment of the pursuit.

in addition, Beijing modern music festival is not limited to academic high-end positioning, ideological pioneer and international level, will also be the audience to further expand to the general population, launching a close relation with the spirit of the public life of the concert, open the poor area primary and secondary school music education of the door, and further cultivate youth programs and projects, and so on. Relative to the world of all kinds of complicated music activities, Beijing modern music festival has showed its unique value, & other; Chinese things or we have to decide, can’t let instead of building the material in the modern society development, more developed era needs the good faith. I hope in the good music, people also can be moved by the spirit of pursuit. Music is belong to the spiritual home of human, to constantly strive to create and promote more and better works. Throughout the &; Xiaogang ye said.