Xuzhou thousands citizens of a collection “chairman MAO as” old certificate (FIG.)

xuzhou thousands citizens of a collection & other; Chairman MAO as & throughout; The old certificate (figure)

precious stock old certificate Zhang Jingliang taken

Beijing, xuzhou, 26 dec (pick up of the champions league Zhang Jingliang) more than a decade, xuzhou worker collectors association director, xuzhou collector association Liu Yonggu hide all kinds of certificates more than one. On December 26, is the chairman’s birthday, lehmann m. sustainability designed more than 1000 copies of the old certificate with MAO zedong, to the community residents display, these special significance & other; Cultural heritage & throughout; .

according to lehmann m. sustainability, with chairman MAO zedong faces all kinds of certificates, mainly exist in the liberated areas, after the liberation, the three cultural revolution period or area. From the time span, covers the liberation war, the former, three-mirror five antis, the great leap forward, the Korean, educated youth delegate, red guards and other major historical events; The classification certificate is involved in military, politics, culture, education, land, water resources in all areas; Content on merit by land card, marriage certificate, credit card, certificate, military families, certificate, diploma, debacle, etc.

& other; Certified authority to ministries, military area commands, greatly small to streets, schools, schiscosomiasis, some QianYin, signature of leaders at all levels. Throughout the &; Lehmann m. sustainability, according to the collection of these certificates, with MAO zedong units at all levels from the national various provinces, autonomous regions, the size of the largest land card is all over the world, and specifications in 50 centimeters square. Smaller only slap large, mainly include all kinds of dues’ certificate, diploma, red guards.

in a southern university in 1950 the first phase of the graduation certificate, according to the then President of the seal. & other; Southern university time is not long, so this piece of diploma is very precious. Throughout the &; In an interview with lehmann m. sustainability and took out a precious thing, & other; This is a 1956 AnLiu county town public-private trade and retail companies, amount to 117 yuan 7 Angle, in all the old documents are some of the most valuable of stock certificate, no more than 20 kinds of China up to now. Throughout the &; The