Yang jie cui yongyuan ill the truth: for rating from “truth”

this article from “ask a world” Yang LAN, Zhu Bing jiangsu people press

& have spent As annual party and communication platform of China TV host, the BBS attracted from all over the country’s outstanding host with the well-known industry pundits, experts, including China, the United States, Europe, and famous TV presenter, producer, host group in China is the highest level of party for the first time. In spite of so much anxiety and anguish, but Yang appeared in front of peers, and restore the original look. As host of the party, opening her is put forward, since it is the host of the event, then all the cliches aside, full play. Each guest presentation, are full of all kinds of interesting baggage and jokes. But, as on the BBS laugh Yang LAN with unknown worries, in a free relaxed atmosphere, the BBS also touched China host the dull ache.

around & other; Ideal & throughout; And & other Reality & throughout; , people had a big discussion. With regards to the television, facing a very serious problem, is the ratings and high quality TV programs, entertainment elements and depth of thought how to balance. Bai yansong and Zhang Yue said to one another, because the ratings is not high, serious TV especially hard to do now. & other; The ratings is the root of all evil & throughout; , on the face always with a smile, good at cold humor, cui yongyuan, once received the ratings of the tease. Since 1999, cui yongyuan ace program because “the truth” followed by the domestic television media, ratings falling slowly, he work hard, still failed to secure ratings. From once as high as 5.4 ratings dropped to 0.66 lows, cui yongyuan entangled with anxiety and, until 2002, he finally with major depressive disorder and out of the “truth”.

now cui yongyuan, although already walked out of the shadow of depression, but the shadow of The Times, is from the inevitable landed on each host. Cui yongyuan depression and anxiety of the entertainment era. When Neil & middot; Postman with monograph “the entertainment to death” to explore and mourning in the late 20th century American culture change, suddenly wake up to the people, in the 21st century era of entertainment, talk about the ideal seems to be a luxury thing. Now people need, may be dazzling images and fragments, receive information quickly and more quickly forgotten again.

during this time the host BBS, “art life” to & other; Ideal throughout 2005 &; , in Shanghai to make a special programmes and invite 11 different times good presenter, talk about their ideal and reality. & other; Ideal & throughout; The word is made up of bai yansong, his interpretation of the word is & other; Over the past 25 years, most of us are carrying our dream to change the world for television. In a all don’t talk about the ideal s, we insist on this name, watch with his counterparts. Throughout the &; As one of the 11 guest Yang LAN, because of its own keenly feel, so for & other; Ideal & throughout; The understanding of this topic more have a say. In an interview with zhu, she said: & other; When you go to an ideal struggle, and experienced setbacks, I think you are understanding of the world, will further & hellip; & hellip; This is very valuable wealth in life, you have experienced a lot of joy, also experienced a lot of frustration, but you can still stand up, back to you to do, I think it is for the test of a person is very big, I’m very happy that I’ve experienced such a test. Throughout the &;

wearing a pink shirt, Yang LAN and laughing with the tone of speech easily cope with zhu, and the inner experience of changes in temperature to seek only self-knowledge. Sun TV to sell, “Yang LAN interview” finally received from heaven to enrage, but at the same time also faces a charge as Georgian considerations, the carrying her humanistic ideal show, whether can in the waves of the entertainment TV, do & other; Depth & throughout; And & other The ratings & throughout; Have it both ways?

& other; I don’t know serious news principles and good a story have problems, my belief is that the two must be can combine, the key is that you can tell a good story? Throughout the &; On the host BBS, tang & middot; Lleyton hewitt, a mouth, overturns the domestic host confusion. The gray-haired old man, there is no choice fairly suit, tie, but have to wear a black coat. He didn’t give the feeling of Yang LAN, the literati of the bookish, but heavy Jiang Huqi. He founded in 1968 after “60 minutes”, which a government behavior, social events, justice and human disaster & other; Hard news & throughout; As the main topic of serious, is not only a television programs in the United States received the highest prize in American TV & other; Emmy & throughout; One of the most programs, at the same time it ratings for 22 consecutive years ranks the top 10, known as American television history on the evergreen tree.

and all the key lies in: tell a good story. In order to tell a good story, tang & middot; Hewitt at first is someone unexpected way: he can pretend to be the sheriff to Khrushchev’s visit to the beautiful; In order to get the scoop of the plane crash, he rented the first on the scene, tugboat and & on the way to the other; Inadvertently & throughout; Knocked NBC rent a boat, come back in the face of the President’s inquiry, just shrugged and said a sentence & other; Crying children & throughout; . This is tang & middot; Hewitt, like competition, like the flexibility to deal with things, its survival lurking in the streets of a practical wisdom.