Yang Kaihui ability to the truth: in the morning two gun death Afternoon to repair a gun

there are four marriages, he is eight years older than Yang Kaihui, in four marriages, MAO zedong’s most treasured indisputably Yang Kaihui, he called Yang Kaihui & other; The arrogant young & throughout; , & other My dear wife & throughout; , is also a loyal partner, MAO zedong’s revolutionary journey in your wife.

open hui thoughts of MAO zedong’s

Yang Kaihui than small eight, MAO zedong MAO zedong was her father huai-zhong Yang (chang dhi) professor in hunan first normal high. Huai-zhong Yang professor before he died, wrote to hunan famous ZhangShiZhao said: & other; I solemnly jun, two sons (refers to MAO zedong, CAI he-sen bases his) of collecting talents, future, you don’t say national salvation has, saving the nation’s two sons. Throughout the &; Later, MAO zedong to Beijing, take refuge in the teacher, and living Yang Zhai, the winter of 1920 with opening hui form. Highly respected throughout the

since then, Yang Kaihui after seven years of marriage, even had three sons. She followed MAO zedong to Shanghai, guangzhou, changsha, shaoshan, wuhan, live a short and turbulent life drift from place to place, there is almost no settle good day for a day.

Yang Kaihui with MAO zedong’s career was spent in MAO zedong’s secret work of husband and wife; Yang Kaihui of MAO zedong’s loyalty and love, it is difficult to define. Open hui know, with MAO again, difficult to move on. So, she put her love to pour in between the lines, hidden in cracked a corner. She wanted to, the feelings of the record, will spread to MAO zedong’s hands, that is to die for the enough. In fact, this is written in blood seven sidelights. The last one is 1990 years to repair her bedroom again, quickly exposed in the outdoor environment, it is written on January 28, 1930, she died in the first ten months of handwriting, it seems every word are all a hotchpotch of blood:

a few days can’t sleep, I was going crazy, many days not letter, every day, and so on.

I don’t be so sad, the child also follow me sad, mother also follow sad.

even if he is dead, my tears to his body.

a year and a half months a year to three years.

he discarded me, scene scene, he must be discarded me.

he is very lucky, and can get my love, I really love him very much.

not forsake me, he must have a letter from his truth!

a father is a puzzle, he doesn’t miss his children? I don’t understand him.

I want to kiss him one hundred times, his eyes, his mouth, his cheeks, his forehead, his head, he is my man, he belongs to me, only a mother’s love is reliable.

open hui for MAO zedong’s sincere love is great, she is eager to watch a man is to be sitting right beside her character, however, only the love of MAO zedong. She wrote:

people’s feelings is really strange, chun-he wang so love me, I don’t want to touch him with a knot. I really love him ah, dear, give me a perfect answer!!!!

in the hui thoughts of MAO zedong’s almost crazy, MAO zedong is & other; Get the blues & throughout; , and this two dozen changsha, became he capture Yang Kaihui directly fuse, this is the tragedy of hair can’t imagine.

so, Yang Kaihui polar of visceral, helplessly say:

as long as can earn 60 yuan a month, I can call back to him, don’t he, with his potential, he’s smart maybe will also give him an enduring success!

Yang Kaihui ability to decrypt

in the winter of 1920, MAO zedong and Yang Kaihui married in south gate wonderful peaks of a building. Mountain society, MAO zedong’s bedroom is their new house.

since the turn of the spring and summer of 1921, MAO zedong to yueyang dongting lake school education, social investigation. And after the wedding of dongting, as the communist party of China on the eve of the birth of more significant. However, MAO zedong is a temperament middleman, for newly married wife, day and night miss, sometimes awake at night.

the emotion hard to ban, young to erupt, MAO zedong penned the corn poppy & middot; the pillow words:

heap to pillow sorrow what shape, ocean waves. Night it’s always difficult to Ming long, lonely sit a few scattered stars wear clothes. Xiao to read all ashes, left from the figure. A hook canyue west flow, don’t throw the tears also free.

this is revolutionary youth MAO zedong leave the sorrow of parting, and write a bleak and sad life, full of beauty of femininity and masculinity.

in April 1923, hunan warlords Zhao Heng if ordered wanted by MAO zedong, he went to Shanghai, then Yang Kaihui has been pregnant with a second child shore, not accompanying. MAO zedong in late December and from Shanghai to guangzhou, by way of changsha. Goodbye to his beloved wife, in the south to train with a pencil to write down the word “, the groom “confided to Yang Kaihui:

wave from to. More the same mournful, affliction v. The eye brow is hate, tears to zero still live. Know misunderstanding before his book language. Doing a cloud and mist, calculate human friend I and thee. People sick, heaven knows? Today the frost heavy east way, according to the transverse pond along while waning moon, romantic love madly. Whistle a bowel has broken, the end of the world from a lonely journey. By the cut ChouSi hate strand. Want to be like the kunlun cliff, just like the typhoon swept the whole again. Colorful, and cloud Zhu.

in the summer of 1924, Yang Kaihui with her mother, with her two children, came to Shanghai, MAO zedong lived more than half a year, because of MAO zedong’s body is bad, with the whole family back to ShaoShanChong home for illness, MAO zedong revenge will be at home for illness while organization, set up the communist party of China shaoshan party branch. MAO zedong to guangzhou soon, hui and take their children to her husband, lived there for more than a year, the peasant movement in hunan climax, the family returned to changsha, lookout foot garden of a house to live in.

MAO zedong for central & other Eight & middot; Seven & throughout; After the meeting, as the central committee of the ombudsman, back to hunan reorganization of hunan provincial party committee.

married for eight years, a turbulent linger. Eat party, walk miles.

in September 1927, MAO zedong to liuyang Wen Gu city leaders, the autumn harvest uprising, with workers and peasants revolutionary army on jinggangshan, Yang Kaihui and three children, had to sojourn in the home plate storehouse, they have no real home!

from now on, live far apart, the Soviet areas and organizations, like the border of Yin and Yang. Hui had to take her love for her husband and with record down.

beginning, MAO zedong also through underground channels, mail a letter, bring infinite comfort to hui, jinggangshan & on the other; To get early autumn frost is down, every spring snow throughout party & elimination; , MAO zedong said in the letter, the mountain air temperature is low, but the soldiers wearing thin costume when the autumn harvest uprising, MAO zedong had sandals march, feet were torn canker & hellip; & hellip;

& have spent

open hui received the letter, he wrote on a deckle-edged OuGan a poem:

day Yin boreas, strong cold into musculoskeletal, reading, travel, flat wave of ups and downs. Foot disease has no dash, whether woolies, solitary sleeps who love and also too? Letters do not pass, you would like to ask without chattering. Hate one like to fly, fly to see people. We shall not see, disappointed has time. On December 26, 1929, is MAO zedong’s 36 years old birthday, hui the noodles, wish husband peace and health. To sleep under the child, she was in the tung oil lamp on the lower berth deckle-edged, continue to write her sidelights.

dear, I always don’t trust him. Only he is well, I don’t belong to me are all in the second, god bless him.

today is his birthday, I can’t forget him all the more, I secretly twenty -s (the note: original handwriting is not clear) family burned one order, under more noodles in the evening, mother also remember this day. Sleep at night in was sad once again. Heard that he was ill, and is JiLao’s sake, it’s really not a small problem, didn’t I beside he won’t pay attention to, must die. His body can’t do things, so will worry, god bless me, I want to fulfill a force, as long as can earn 60 yuan a month, I can call back to him, don’t he, with his potential, his understanding may also give a monumental success!

it is a night without sleep. I can’t endure, I’m going to run to him.

children, the poor child hold me again.

my heart picked a heavy burden, one head is he was a child, who is not open.

I want to cry, I really want to cry, I always can’t help but love him & hellip; & hellip;

open hui also took down a secret in the sidelights: board positions, there are two men, give her, desperately pursue her. When she was outstretched, is a mature young woman. But her character, only love a man MAO zedong.

open hui’s situation is very dangerous, board positions were only few kilometers from changsha. Since Ma Ri incident in 1927, the revolutionary masses is board positions killed more than 460 people. So, she is like a life between the jaws and clutches, lives are in danger at any time.

there will be a sacrifice to revolution, for this, hui is prepared.

wife WuReLan department in changsha the door be condemned to displayed, just get out of the way hui see horror, back to the board positions, she used deckle-edged wrote the words: anger and son

maybe I’m too because of the inappropriate! Why the somebody else happy thing, but I will sad? Couldn’t think of the clearance when the sin over JiuZu story, now I look back to (kill zhu DE wife although not JiuZu, ultimate is one thing! I used in my age, who kill the fact that is often said, killing people is out of necessity! Although the fact is not so frequently & hellip; & hellip; But this time kill zhu DE’s wife, just remind me to come over! The original we haven’t take off the clearance time civilization ethos, the sin over JiuZu, fluctuations in people heart! & hellip; & hellip;

by chance met in changsha city WuReLan decollation displayed, split hui is a sense of foreboding, she more prepared for the psychology of self-sacrifice, simply, loathe to give up three lively and lovely children! Anying for eight years, and shore green seven years old, and shore dragon is only three years old, one thousand own unfortunate, and the children? Mother old, husband fight in jiangxi, and elusive, in bad, oneself die, children entrusted to who? In all cases, she wrote a letter entrust an orphan to give my cousin kai-ming Yang:

a brother: I saw death like & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Alas! It’s cold serious face! Said to death, and (in) I’m not afraid, and can be said to be the things I love, only my mother and my children, I am a little poor them! And the emotion I am very much & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; The night before last that I make a night of sleeping and waking. I decided to take their & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; My children entrusted to you, as long as their economic uncle forever, is not whether they, and their uncle is have deep love for them. But if I really lost a mother, or even a father, that is not the love is worth an uncle live, must be all aspects of love, you can grow naturally in warm spring, and not be affected by the storm hit!

hui writing, pearl tears, heart crack, she made the worst the worst estimate & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; She and MAO zedong were not alive, how children s, she mentioned the child’s uncle & other; Is not whether they & throughout; . Sure enough, after the open hui sacrifice, according to the arrangement of the wielder, three children by her aunt Li Chongde escorted to the communist party in Shanghai, after sent to datong kindergarten, Mao Zemin, Qian Xi couple warmly care, often go to visit their children.

on November 14, 1930, open hui was arrested 20 days, the middle of the night, his is a group of villagers in the countryside, take a risk, secretly to changsha liuyang literacy ridge outside, find the hui stiff body, wrapped in a piece of white cloth, with a slider quietly carried back to the board. According to the open hui was charged, & other; Do not make to the layman & throughout; Place open-air banquet, no, no, please do dojo Taoist monks to chant buddhist scripture, only buy a pair of thin skin fir wood coffin, after open hui gathered, buried in the cotton mountain. Then set up a piece of stone tombstone.

when MAO zedong astonished opening hui’s sacrifice, write down & other; Open hui is the death of the body’s foreclosure & throughout; Eight words, express the heart’s mourning and grieving, turn grief into strength!

Yang Kaihui kratos’

since was fixed in changsha company doorway, see zhu DE wife WuReLan beheaded, Yang Kaihui knew this day will come sooner or later. According to Yang Kaihui with prison cell mates by Yang wu on June 15, 1963 memories:

9 August 1930 (lunar calendar), day and night, after I was arrested in prison in the city’s department of army prison department banned bay. Prison interior held a lot of people, both male and female, at the same room, everyone had to sit on the floor.

one day later to sunset, suddenly to a person, while a the late evening news workers told me that the person is the late evening news interview member (journalists). The interview part into indoor calling Yang Kaihui name. Then someone promise.

move in my heart, along with the sound and see with a light blue Yang Kaihui starched light blue cotton cloth gown, wearing a pair of blue cloth shoes, facial expressions, calm and serious.

& have spent

interview member ask the martyrs of the age, domicile of origin, address, personal background and the status of the family, said to Yang:

& other; Why do you want to do the communist party? You broke the law know? Throughout the &;

Yang Kaihui answered: & other; I didn’t, he broke the law. Throughout the &;

interview member added: & other Now you can remorse is not life-threatening. Throughout the &; Yang Kaihui said: & other; I will not yield. About politics, each have already is, I don’t care about life early, even if you don’t succeed. Throughout the &;

the interviewer asked again, & other; Are there anything to say? Throughout the &;

Yang Kaihui after finished the last sentence, never said: & other; My words are ended. Throughout the &;

he listened to the traitor, secretary of provincial party committee of the CPC hunan Ren Zhuoxuan advice: & other; Yang Kaihui surrendered as more than ten million people surrendered! Throughout the &; As long as Yang Xuanbu can be free to break with MAO zedong. But her unwavering, he had little choice for her.

open hui death, for visiting relatives said calmly, & other; House have a piece of green cloth, gave me a suit, on the road, to wear when she was younger, my father has a lecture: I was dead a person, do not make to the layman! Throughout the &;