Yang LAN: career family life is like walking a tightrope 40 has only just begun

middle school of Yang LAN

Yang LAN and Hillary Clinton,

Yang personally biography “asking a world” blockbuster launch, disclosure and kissinger, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, bush, Hillary Clinton, lee kuan yew, Welch secret account and other high-end character of communication.

tomorrow, phoenix gang culture media co., LTD., Beijing will be held in Beijing xidan book building Yang book “asking a world” press conference and the national first signings. With the visual Angle of a third party, this book tells the story of Yang LAN between 1990 ~ 2010 years life span and the time went, with TV accidentally become attached to, from CCTV, go abroad to study, establishes the failure of the sun TV and hardship, “Yang LAN interview record of 10 years behind the scenes, as the Olympic Games ambassador and the media in her eyes. The book also revealed she and Henry kissinger, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and George h.w. bush, Hillary Clinton, lee kuan yew, Welch high-profile secret account of communication.

Jimmy Carter helped Yang Lanyuan us dream

Yang LAN said, & other; Maybe couldn’t think of myself, her fate with President carter’s & lsquo; Dreamspell & rsquo; Be closely bound up. Throughout the &; Former U.S. President Jimmy & middot; Carter is often claimed to be a kind of peanut farmer, in an interview with Yang LAN he remembered: & other; The eve of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, I hide from the state council, direct negotiations with China. One night in a dream I was awakened by a telephone. I said in Beijing’s negotiators, deng xiaoping asked whether sent 5000 international students in the United States each year? I am very sleepy, a little impatiently say, let they sent 100000 people. Throughout the &; Results the number becomes China visa studying indicators.

carter spoke reminded Yang preparing in 1994 to study abroad: & other; The us embassy in Beijing line for more than two hours later, I pass all the information from a small window, heart pounding, is consumed by the interviewer refused, because I don’t think the guy a chance to answer the question in front of me had been turned down. At that time I already resigned from his job as China central television (CCTV), if the visa, will be on a blacklist means, after the visa is harder. Am I nervous, visa officer raised his tired eyes, looked at me, no facial expression ground to say: & lsquo; I’ll give you a visa, because I believe you’re here, have a very good development condition, there should be no has a tendency to immigration. & rsquo; I could respond, he just signed on my application form. If the President carter freely said, let them sent 5000 people to come, I will have the chance to study in the United States? Throughout the &;

business family is like walking a tightrope

as the image ambassador, the Olympic bid in public Yang LAN, we see is beauty and wisdom, and perfect family and career. However, Yang LAN doesn’t admit to it. She said: & other; I’m not the most beautiful people, nor the most intelligent person, the balance of career and family, also is stumbling, actually can only be said to be in constant walking a tightrope. I think, do things need to pursue the perfect as far as possible, but to be unnecessary to ask for so strict. For me, a person’s personality to a large extent, will decide his fate, and character, often, your advantage and your disadvantage is together. Throughout the &;

& other; My husband often said, I am a stubborn person, sometimes is wasted effort, in fact, in my life, walk through a lot of detours, but I think a man should not only complain about the way to face the world or complain. I more hope I can more freely and easily to face their past and future, even accept your imperfections, this world there will be no perfect people. Throughout the &;