Yang LAN unafraid to rumors doing charity said impossible women all dream

Yang unafraid to rumors adhere to charity

from previous & other; Donation fraud throughout the door &; To the present & other; Lu junqing events & throughout; , although hurt by some rumors, but Yang LAN is charity. August 31, Yang came to dujiangyan, sichuan province, for jinjiang children rehabilitation center of community health service center hospital. The children rehabilitation center was sponsored by the Yang & other; The wenchuan earthquake orphan rescue fund (hereinafter referred to as gu incomplete children bailout fund) & throughout; Donated by the tenth rehabilitation center for disabled children. It is understood that at present the fund has raised 53 million yuan, will be used for all in the wenchuan earthquake rehabilitation of disabled children.

on the same day, Yang LAN in business attire, warmly greet with spectators. Talk about set up & other; Gu incomplete children bailout fund & throughout; , Yang said, two days after the wen chuan earthquake, she came to the sichuan disaster area, see those disabled children after she was very impressive. A doctor more let she worries about the future of the children. The doctor said: & other; These injured children need artificial limbs, psychological reconstruction, they were adult has a long way, now everyone’s vigorous to come and go, this is a temporary, the children need is a long-term and effective care and treatment. Throughout the &; Yang LAN said: & other; These words to my touches is very big, so I has held discussions with children and teenagers’ fund in China, was launched on May 14, the & lsquo; The wenchuan earthquake orphan rescue fund & rsquo; To help those in the rehabilitation of disabled children in the earthquake. Throughout the &;

it is reported, Yang LAN was launched the fund when he donated 300000 yuan, has raised $53 million. Secretary general of the China children and teenagers’ fund xiao-xia Chen told reporters that they are working with Yang LAN, because Yang LAN has always been very attention to philanthropy, and physically by raising money, its influence is brought a good reputation for the foundation.

according to high sun culture foundation deputy secretary general of guangzhou, now they have built 10 rehabilitation center, each rehabilitation center in cost is 300000 yuan, half for purchase of equipment, half for the payment of all the staff costs.

jinjiang wen-tao li of community health service center hospital director, told reporters that their rehabilitation center there are 19 earthquake disabled children and eight children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation. In addition to the rehabilitation training, the children can also be treated with acupuncture, physical therapy, massage and other auxiliary. The local mental health center send people for psychological counseling for the child to the hospital regularly. Operating expenses were made by & other; Gu incomplete children bailout fund & throughout; To pay.

it is reported, & other; The wenchuan earthquake orphan rescue fund & throughout; According to the actual operations of the children rehabilitation center, provide funding for 10 years or so.

& other; It is impossible for me to realize the dream of all women & throughout;

Yang at the end of the activity, accepted our reporter an exclusive interview. She said to do public welfare activity, compared with the results obtained, motivation and the specific form is not the most important. If do, can really help to others, that is worthy of affirmation and encouragement.

doing charity motivation and form is not the most important

the qilu evening news: stars in charity activities would be controversial, even has been criticized for show. As a public figure has been committed to charity, how do you see the charity behavior of public figures?

Yang: I’ve always thought, it is not a star, don’t only focus on his (her) to do the motives of the charity, the key depends on whether he (she) do really help to those who need help. Anyone, as long as willing to sincere heart insist to do something good, is worthy of affirmation and encouragement. Compared with the results obtained, the motive and the specific form is not the most important.

the qilu evening news: because & other; Guo events & throughout; The public’s confidence in charity began to shake, what do you think?

Yang LAN: the question of the public for charities and charitable actions, I think, is the public dissatisfaction with China for years outbursts of charity, the lack of transparency and professional degrees. Although it & other; Sting & throughout; Now a lot of people, but also can promote the reform of the whole system of charity and charity. This time, we should be calls for a charitable legislation as soon as possible, because there is no law as the backing, everyone’s thoughts are chaotic, & other; What to do, what not to do; What is reasonable, and what is unreasonable & throughout; These problems are lack of the bottom line and value standard. If the public controversy and questioned, can promote charitable legislation and the reform of the charity itself, has a great progress.

do programs broadcast to select the appropriate platform

the qilu evening news: are you in the interview, often asked about many of the hot topics, some questions may be sharp, can you use what kind of way to ask questions, to avoid conflict with the guests?

Yang LAN: I also have a lot of confusion on this question. I think a talk show, the most important thing is to find questions from person’s own perspective and style, because the guest may also appear in many programs, but the Angle of the questioner and questions style, often is a feature of a program. I think to find the material or the sole thing, to do solid work in advance, and at the same time don’t have deliberately provocative, rather than holding the attitude of rational inquiry to ask questions, then you may get you want some answers.

the qilu evening news: as a successful woman, there are comments that you almost achieved the dream of all women.

Yang LAN: it is impossible for me to realize the dream of all women, I just according to their own dreams to life. In fact, I think a person for a lifetime to find the life you really want is the most important thing. I am a very hard also very lucky man, my career early, in a high starting point of his career path.

household chores done by many people to help

the qilu evening news: one’s energy is limited, your work so much, how to allocate their time both family?

Yang LAN: in this regard, I do not be too hard on yourself, I don’t have family asked me to give them buy vegetables, cooking, cleaning the room. Things in life, have a family and aunt to help us to arrange, can be said to my wife and the mother’s work is completed by more than one person. I want to do is when the family need, understand and support them.

the qilu evening news: you and wu is a model of showbiz couple, do you have any way to get along with?

Yang LAN: for my Sir, I am not a traditional wife and mother, at home and the husband came back, give him put on slippers. He would have given up this for me & other; High expectations throughout the &; , but his support, I have a separate cause help me a lot.

Yang in their eyes very kind

the opinion of Yang LAN a lot of, some people think she is so serious, someone think she is on high, but the medical staff and who rescued the children’s eyes, Yang LAN is easy-going. Especially in juyuan middle school student aki (ren-gui zhou), & other; Aunt Yang really kind & throughout; .

is Yang’s speech on the stage, to cause the attention of reporters to aki. Yang speaking on the stage, the audience caught a glimpse of the listen to the pell, immediately said: & other; I see pell has come. I remember the last time saw pell, what he told me that I am not ideal, but after the earthquake, 60 students in their class there are 40 lost their lives. He suddenly had the ideal, is to help the victims of the class to complete their ideal. Throughout the &;

pell tells a reporter, he doesn’t know aunt Yang still remember him, do you remember when he had said, and feeling very excited. Aki is dujiangyan juyuan middle school students, the earthquake caused him paraplegic, now can only live in a wheelchair. After the activity, Yang come and greet with aki, specially added: & other; Aki, I found that you are fat, want to exercise more, let me see your muscles. Throughout the &; Pell shyly rolled up his sleeves, Yang LAN to knead a pinch arm pell said: & other; I can’t, you have to exercise more. Throughout the &; Yang also asked aki to test the idea of going to college, when she learned that pell want to go to the computer or animation specialty, quipped: & other; After graduating from this major is especially suitable for our company, you can come to our company for help! Throughout the &;

when it comes to see Yang feelings again, aki was moved to say: & other; See aunt Yang is on TV before, feel oneself very far away. Aunt didn’t meet her so many times, I think Yang special kind. Every time she see I can see my change, to see her like see loved ones. Throughout the &;