Yi zhongtian announced to rewrite the history, all kinds of Chinese history does not have a global view more

10 o ‘clock in the morning yesterday 39 points, yi zhongtian star scholars published in sina blog called & other; Why should I from nuwa to deng xiaoping ─ ─ 36 volumes are Chinese history to readers & throughout; Full-length articles, announced in five to six years, rewrite the history of the Chinese & ndash; & ndash; & other; In March 2012, are the Chinese history of project startup, planning and fore period up to one year. In the meantime, I announced & lsquo; Vacation style treatment & rsquo; , the actual specific writing this book. Its publication, it is a & lsquo; Five-year plan & rsquo; Throughout the &; . Our vision since May 2013, two volumes quarterly to meet with readers, to volume out 36, 2018. Throughout the &; The news, which the parties concerned.

write history purpose:

all kinds of Chinese history does not have a global view more

about the Chinese history, well-known & other; The twenty-four & throughout; And tens of thousands of books and the pulps, yi zhongtian: why do you want to rewrite the history of the Chinese? Blog, he tells the story of rewriting & other; Throughout Chinese history &; In the first place. In the face of their own, he thought, history, & other Not only do we not, nor the participants, not even on the sidelines and overlook. So we don’t know who you are, and where to, where to go. It’s hard to clear to answer what is & lsquo; The root & rsquo; What is & lsquo; The Chinese dream & rsquo; What is & lsquo; The soul & rsquo; . What kind of person, have what kind of books; What kind of books, also can have what kind of person. Have to rewrite the history of the Chinese, therefore, also must fundamentally change the way of thinking and way of expression. Throughout the &; He even say: & other; Abundance of all kinds of Chinese history had mostly global view and the modern history, is a rare compared with other civilizations. Throughout the &; He will be on the basis of intuition, logic, and evidence, writing & other people; I don’t know and want to know & throughout; In the history.

it is reported, this month 16, are the Chinese history of press conference will be held in Beijing the launch. Yesterday, reporters call yi zhongtian, trying to learn more about the details of the new book, but the phone is always in a state of the line is busy.

From nuwa wrote

to write 3700 official

in 2006, yi zhongtian on CCTV “lecture room”, relying on & other Throughout the three &; Series on a star. Nearly two years, he seldom appearance in public, the media reported the led a retired life. Until February this year, yi zhongtian appearance programme called “talk” of a new class of the people’s livelihood interview program, we found that he had served as the host, many readers surprise, amazing academic stars, and turned to be the host, is a bit difficult to accept.

yesterday, yi zhongtian announced the upcoming “yi zhongtian Chinese history”, trying to save & other; Raffish & throughout; In the image. It is understood that his this & other; Throughout Chinese history &; Will be from the mythical characters of Chinese civilization, the pioneering with global perspective, from nuwa to deng xiaoping, detailing the Chinese official in 3700 for the reader. Have readers to yi zhongtian in academic attainments, and his unique insight to the history, the book will no doubt is a & other; Culture throughout the atomic &; .

the microblogging sensation & other; Xue barbarian & throughout; First time forward yi zhongtian weibo, said & other; Looking forward to & throughout; . Well-known host Li Leize said, & other; Since 3700, what happened, not many people can say clear. Easy to discover and explore the teacher will very difficult, but if it’s not that difficult, also is not so valuable. Support teachers, we believe that the power of history, also like to have a value of the more interesting. Throughout the &; The chengdu evening news reporter TengYang