Yongxin response “monks can into space practice” : Buddhism believes there are aliens

in the ever-changing era of science and technology, the space also became a monk thinking subject.

the answer about & other; Monks can practice in space & throughout; ‘s question appears once shaolin temple abbot abbot – Buddhism believes that the existence of multiple world buddhist destination does not rule out other planets.

& other; Is now a space age, so many people to sign up to go to Mars, the monks practice to space? Throughout the &; A reporter asked.

with millions worldwide disciple of the abbot relaxed smile, no surprise. Buddhism, in his opinion, pay attention to the boundless universe, the world outside there are a number of the world. & other; Buddhism is believe in aliens, not only have, or a lot. Throughout the &;

he said that monks believe cause and effect, we through the usual practice product qualities, is decided by the karma in the future. Bad practice in six rebirth in the tiny, good practice into the Buddha’s path, and went to the other world, do not rule out is what human imagination space.

& other; There are six on the other planets? Throughout the &; Pressed on.

& other; We haven’t been to, don’t know. Throughout the &; The abbot smiled. But said in the buddhist scriptures, the real world life is not eternal, while the rest of the world have described without pain, worry, human equality, life eternal picture, this is what the buddhist pursuit beyond six cycles.

there are more than 1500 years history of shaolin temple of zen. Yongxin repeatedly stressed that the shaolin temple has always been the soul of the core practice.

so, how to measure the practice level? Shaolin actually is also extremely & other; High-tech & throughout; Way: by brain activity and brain wave analysis data.

Beijing university of Chinese medicine professor tian-jun liu found through the analysis of the shaolin temple monks eeg meditation from the simulation operation Gao Jing mode of specific performance, is the deep quiet, deep inspiration thinking active, low consumption of oxygen, the brain awake and concentration degree is higher than the average man a brain function.

yongxin said: & other; High degree of practice of monk’s brain is different from ordinary people. Throughout the &;

& other; The results should let space community know, perhaps modern monks can also try to become an astronaut. Throughout the &; A science fiction fan said. (reporter jing-yang liu Jiang Chen rong GuiJuan)