Yongzheng mammy tomb, 50 cedar piles tenacity as: after 200 years (figure)

from the start, and associated in the popular TV show. Yongzheng heat triggered a series of attention. Recently, the yongzheng emperor mammy burial & ndash; & ndash; & other; Mrs Ready and frequently throughout the tomb of his photographs &; In new found in the tomb, in the process of repair & other; Throughout & channel sites; .

this is not a drama, the discovery will be of great value to study ancient tomb organizational system.

ready and diligent lady his photographs tomb, located in daxing district YuFa Town yellow area village, published in 1985 as the district-level protecting cultural relics. On May 16, 2011, the tomb opened the repair project.

yesterday, the reporter at the scene to see, his photographs of the tomb stone remaining huabiao, tombstones, stone arch repair has been completed, ongoing, ling ling floor door, ling temple and other parts of the installation work.

in the south area of tomb dug a deep about three meters, 1.5 meters wide, the river, the ancient grooved stone, river on both sides lined with dozens of cedar wood piles.

responsible for on-site construction of Mr Liang said that recently they are in the process of repair, dig out the ruins of the river, more than 50 cedar piles buried in the ground exposed, it took more than 200 years, is still tough.

Mr Liang also said that the river lune as the tomb of the original site, more than 50 cedar piles as the foundation of river channel, to prevent soil erosion.

according to reporter understanding, the discovery of the site to study the original tomb, design is of great value, and organizational system, after the archaeological excavation report will be late for stone bridge and the river channel design guidance and reference role, repair, etc. Tomb, repair work plan is completed at the end of June this year.

low historical

prince cried more than fortunately, mammy rescue

this morning, according to the praise’s ninth son of li choose the old man, three-dimensional 禛 is born crying all day long, don’t eat not to drink, the physician helpless, the emperor is incurred great anger.

cure too much advice from someone in the later, at jade seal is only looking for a hand, foot tsing lung women to solve the crisis.

when take charge of missions of subordinate to the yellow area on a piece of land, saw a young woman walking along the lane, holding in his hand a piece of bean curd, take charge of missions of people with a turn, bring the young woman entered the palace to go after, three-dimensional 禛 so he no longer crying, also safe to eat the milk.

then assumed the 禛 succession, become emperor yongzheng. Thanks to quote’s support, yongzheng emperor in his hometown built a tomb, the tomb of his photographs.