Young version of the “Mona Lisa” authenticity controversial experts say “wrong”

suspected of famous Italian artists & middot; Vinci create a younger version of the “Mona Lisa” 27 exhibited in Geneva.

young version of the Mona Lisa (left) and collect the Mona Lisa in the Louvre (right).

Mona Lisa is da & middot; Vinci is one of the most famous work, but recently, a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland & ndash; & ndash; & other; The Mona Lisa foundation & throughout; Announced that it really is a young version & ndash; & ndash; The al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa. Two picture in picture is the same girl, but the al voss & middot; Mona Lisa’s creation in the first time, and exactly 10 years earlier. The remarks lifted art circles debate about the art forgeries. Swiss 27 local time, the young version of the Mona Lisa on display in Geneva.

foundation says, this version is the businessman francesco, & middot; Del & middot; Giocondo commissioned da & middot; Vinci for his wife lisa & middot; Known for, because of & middot; Vinci in 1506 by the king of France in milan, while giocondo had to accept the unfinished work. The Mona Lisa is da & middot; and the Louvre Vinci later entrusted by its sponsors Medici, was completed in 1517. Members of the foundation Stanley & middot; Feldman, even argue that da & middot; Vinci draw early version is in the face of model I, and the Louvre & other; Aged 10 years & throughout; The Mona Lisa is da & middot; Vinci painted by memory.

staff after repeated careful comparison, finally the conclusion & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; It’s the Mona Lisa & other; The predecessor & throughout; . Compared to the Louvre museum the Mona Lisa, the picture & other; The original & throughout; Painting of the girl’s posture, the expression, eye contact and smile are similar to the former, just face slightly younger, picture color is more bright.

in addition, evidence and announced by the foundation: including carbon dating tests show that the picture painted in the early 16th century and has obvious & middot; Vinci’s mark; After using high-tech amplify the Louvre version, two paintings shows fully the same proportion; Da & middot; Vinci for a painting draw two or more versions of the habits, such as its another’s masterpieces virgin of the rocks there are two versions.

more convincing evidence is another 1504 a sketch of the Renaissance masters Raphael works “the young woman on the balcony, and almost” al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa “compositions are identical, the hero behind the pillars and the mountains on either side of the background, is believed to be seen as & middot; Vinci’s early after work.

however, Oxford University specializing in da & middot; Vinci project professor Martin & middot; Kemp said the painting & other; There’s a lot wrong & throughout; , such as da & middot; Vinci likes to paint on wooden panel, but the painting is painted on the canvas, may be just a copy.