Yuan shikai short-lived by: the age of twenty-five handfuls of chewing ginseng pilose antler

yuan shikai died five years of the republic of China according to the lunar calendar may people (on June 6, 1916), a lot of books and articles mentioned yuan’s death, called him & other; Fear and death & throughout; . Comes the apprehension of yuan, naturally brings yuen & other; HongXian imperial & throughout; Dreams dashed. Yuan so behavior angered people indeed, sparked national outrage, friendless, placed under siege, finally in apprehension attack, die. Yuan three daughter tsang snow also wrote, cancel the monarchy, & other; From then on he etc into a disease (yuan), finally died throughout the &; . But after he read these words, always unavoidably will let a person produce illusion, which seems to be as long as the yuan will continue to sit & other; Emperor HongXian & throughout; The & other; Dragon & throughout; , from the apprehension of trapped, he would not & other; Etc into a disease & throughout; , life will naturally continue. This is the death of yuan simple due to political reasons. However this is not a yuan died at this time of the whole truth. We found that in the yuan should & other; Young & throughout; Died at the age of 57, is another reason. It is this reason made even yuen & other Emperor HongXian & throughout; Continue when, his physical condition, denied his long life.

yuan had a strong, and later into the army, it is reasonable to infer that, after the yuan even got sick, not to give up the bucket. But yuan later so-called health strong, in fact just hide behind the facade of lifestyle. In short, yuen short-lived, actually already decided by his lifestyle, if the so-called Rome was not built in a day.

according to 1913 yuan, under age 17, after in tianjin Yuan Fu main TaoShuDe memories, but the father and his two generations in yuan account, or until he himself is squire yuan yuan died. Get up at five in the morning every day, he said yuan into the office to review for a while after file, & other; Then a cup of tea, beef broth, chicken juice. Four color at breakfast, steamed stuffed bun, a bowl of chicken shreds surface (usually only eat the steamed stuffed bun one or two, the remaining by attendants points early charging & throughout; . & other; Around 10 am, into the velvet antler a tureen. Fall, into the ginseng. 12 noon lunch & throughout; . In the afternoon & other; Snacks for western food, and then take self-made adjustable Dan, fur seal kidney. Dinner at seven o ‘clock & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; It is not difficult to see, yuan & consumption by other For blood more physical, ziyin impotence & throughout; . Due to too much blood and physical, yuan often suffer from toothache, constipation, so that every three two days to please make a diagnosis and give treatment of traditional Chinese medicine or enema & hellip; & hellip; These outsiders is unknown. Tao lunch eat content, not yuan, tsang snow recalls, his father’s favorite lunch eat steamed duck, especially after the winter & other; Each meal will eat & throughout; . In addition to braise in soy sauce meat, Fried shredded pork with chives, etc. This is the crux of the problem. Information is an important cause of human’s improper to eat into the food, the improper including eat, strong complement. And the body of excessive food intake, stranded, accumulated upset the balance of nature. Eat in nutrition, such as not normal excretion, accumulate in the body also will gradually become & other; The poison of the source & throughout; . As the excretory burden is overweight, so toxins will be moving the whole body, influence blood cleanliness and pollution the environment inside the body. In this regard, yuan & other; Supplements & throughout; Is a good example. Yuan everyday take supplements, since s & other; Often put a handful of ginseng, velvet antler to eat in mouth & throughout; . In addition & other; Also employ two nurse, he ate every day (yuan) the two wet nurse throughout the milk of the extrusion &; . In the short term, you might really gives the impression of yuan is a sound constitution. But & other; Is the traditional Chinese medicine medical speaking, ginseng, deer antler, etc., are hot supplements, he did shine in eat, day long, is not does not affect his health & throughout; (tsang snow). And we found that in a daily food in the yuan, to find the shadow of vegetables and fruits. The bible & middot; the old testament, the first chapter of genesis account: & other; I (god) will land on all herb yielding seed, and all the trees have nuclear fruit, all give you for food. Throughout the &; When our ancient ancestors had been is staple food with fruit, anthropology, archaeology, anatomy, and history has proved that. Visible no matter what the social civilization progress, diet culture, how to change the structure of the digestive organs, digestive process and biochemical reaction was the same as the ancients. Knowing this, we also it is not hard to understand, the more yuan supplements, the more likely they were to accelerate the pace of his dying. Until he is 56 yuan dim and sighed: & other; My body is not line, ginseng antler tonic cannot be accepted. Throughout the &;

short-lived yuan, in addition to diet, nourishing & other; Out of line & throughout; , another reason is that in erotic. Yuen harem, no fewer than ten, they bear the 32 children in yuan. These children when I was a child, TaoShuDe recalls, & other; More deadly, as father, slightly longer or are not very strong. When Beijing pop a xiehouyu: & lsquo; The son of President & ndash; & ndash; Ginseng pilose antler. & rsquo; Namely the & throughout; . The so-called & other; Throughout more than a deadly &; , in the words of today is a little overweight. This is not the symbol of child health. Think much eat tonic, yuan will fill an aphrodisiac, in fact, he didn’t know, ginseng pilose antler as senior tonic, not anyone can take, and taking the amount of absolutely exquisite. Without restraint just take, such as yuan, is like sex, will produce a great harm to the body, in the long run, is bound to the cost of life.