Yunnan 5 year 300 meters buddhist monk claborate-style painting to declare the guinness book of records (FIG.)

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a loyal for work “five hundred Luo Hanchao bodhisattva figure” affix one’s seal. Yu Jingui taken

in addition to build water 18 nov (Yu Xuebin) lifelike rostrum lohan, forms of pines cypress, picturesque scenery & hellip; & hellip; Over five years, with his bare hands to build the 300 – meter – long buddhist claborate-style painting five hundred Luo Hanchao bodhisattva figure picture is actively declare the guinness world record. Reporter 18 in honghe hani and yi autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, saw the picture of the huanglong temple industry in jianshui.

author of five hundred Luo Hanchao bodhisattva figure, was built in honghe water huanglong temple abbot shi zhong. According to introducing, this work just finished last month, its creative inspiration from China & other folk; Into the temple, several lohan & throughout; Tradition, but because of the huanglong temple is located area is small, can’t build a special place to accommodate arhats sculpture, in addition, the interpretation of a loyal when shooting TV series “home”, also got the topic, the idea of painting, arhat and interpretation of the loyal decided to use a brush of a buddhist classic indispensable lohan appear in front of the world. So, have weighed more than 70 kilograms of five hundred Luo Hanchao bodhisattva figure.

it is reported that currently recognized by the guinness world record for the longest and the longest picture included length of 62 meters. To the buddhist art more widely spread all over the world, but to let more people to appreciate and learn to grasp the various lohan’s & other; Not big, not great & throughout; Characters, and release a loyal decided to declare his works to the guinness world record for the organizing committee, also hope to let more people through his paintings to understand buddhist art and buddhist classics.

this painting for 5 years, from zero to have, the rough since needless to say, however, release a faithful heart confidently say: & other; I plan to use 10 years, continue with arhat as the theme, but will add a lot of other things, to create another painting, is 1000 metres eight hundred Luo Hantu then. Throughout the &; The