Zang gram house life out on yanan: don’t drink YanHeShui lack of revolution

this is comrade “speech in the yanan literature and art symposium” published 70 years ago. In may, the reporter to yenan on a business trip, in yenan federation metope mottled, pergolas dorm, met the editor GuXi cao yanan literature, listen to the warm hospitality of northern shaanxi man tells the story of ding ling, He Jingzhi, wei wei, rehgar, peng-cheng du, CAI whose & other; The old yan & throughout; In the story.

ding ling: 50 years of an unrealized dream

Ding Lingceng in 1985 with his wife Chen visited yanan, cao GuXi accompanied him. Revisit that enjoy rock invites exhibit hold zaoyuan, yangjieling, after his return, recall that year, she said that ding ling deeply touched & other; When life was hard for the yenan comrades, live their excavation TuYaoDong, living stone cave. These places, not only the ventilation is bad, and wet and wet; Eat millet rice boiled cabbage, bowl Chou no spray flowers; Wearing a patch of grey cloth uniform; With his pen and malan paper & hellip; & hellip; Although condition is so difficult, but people’s mental outlook is very full, undivided attention to a career. Throughout the &;

ding ling’s trip in yenan live only one day, the last stop is at yan ‘an university. Cao GuXi introduction, before visit yanan, ding ling should yanan university & other; Cuckoo poetry club & throughout; President Liu Geng invitation, wrote the title for the cuckoo poetry club. In the face of teachers and students of the university of yenan, ding ling said in a speech: & other; Age of closed in the past, a new era of reform and opening-up to come! Yanan university should shoulder more difficult, more glorious task. The future of beauty and glory to you! Throughout the &;

the next day, ding ling back to Beijing, but the trip is not perfect, she in yanan, there is a worry for. In the spring of 1945, ding ling, Chen Ming and painters Shi Lu line of three, walked a day, came to he was grahame rural village of ma tower. & other; Ma village tower is the shensi-kansu-ningsia border region when the entire villiage, village head trail g m led & lsquo; Varioplex team & rsquo; Used to have chairman MAO’s praise, ding ling they lived in hemp tower village for three days, wrote a famous documentary prose “three days of gossip”, published in the same year on May 19, the liberation daily, chairman MAO also congratulations for her dinner. Throughout the &; Cao GuXi said.

ding ling in her return visit to yanan in the second year after having died on March 4, in bed she is prepared to pick her & other Throughout the ma tower dream &; & ndash; & ndash; She misses accompany she spent three nights in a heatable adobe sleeping platform of old village head & other; Liu turn & throughout; PoYi; She missed the spin game the landau, a woman; And that can blow pipe, can sing folk songs of epigenetic trail PI j & hellip; & hellip; & other; I promised they must also back to the ma tower, as if not to time ma tower, land of the dead bird. Throughout the &;

GuXi memories: cao & other; On March 31, 1999, I got a call from the ding ling his wife prepared from Beijing, on April 1, he take the train to yanan, want me to accompany him to grahame township village, ma tower help Ding Lingyuan that had more than 50 years of dream. Ding ling literature research association secretary-general TuShaoJun, shaanxi writers association, deputy director of ChuangLianBu Yang Cailan accompanied Chen Ming to yanan. To yanan of the train station at 6 o ‘clock in the morning, we drove to ma tower a breakfast. 55 years ago, ding ling they walking for a whole day, for now, we only took more than an hour to the ma tower. Throughout the &;

GuXi cao said, one into the village, found the old village head trail wangershan g m grandson, his big name trail even, at the age is 72 years old, Chen Ming and Shi Lu, and he lived in a hole with a cave. I heard that the old comrades come back to visit them, and even the trail tzu folks are all very happy, many PoYi woman with a broken head doll came running. Trail volunteers even a pull will be prepared to their caves, & other; Dream dream not see you back! Throughout the &; Trail will even say, liu turn grandma and grandpa had died, & other; The blow pipe shock of cliff epigenetic has back to hengshan abut ring; 9 years, and he became an expert at spin landau, called trail Mr Cheung, is 65 years old this year, married to the city of yanan, erg may be have a good sight! Throughout the &;

He Jingzhi: folk art achievements classic

with He Jingzhi, also let cao GuXi memory deep. & other; Initial contact He Jingzhi works, it is in the early 1950 s, I was 40 miles on foot to suide county town square hole beach, watching the north bay troupe performances of the opera “white-haired girl”. At that time, I was ten years old, move a stone, and pad show a pair of old shoes. Look into the fan, and the village children to stage on throwing clods & lsquo; Huang shiren & rsquo; , very anxious to peel skin him! Throughout the &;

GuXi cao said that in the first month in the village the yangko, singing “nanniwan” and “emancipated description”, did not know who He Jingzhi was also, until in the textbook learning He Jingzhi popular back to yanan, He Jingzhi has since become his idol.

then cao GuXi frequently get idol inspiration. In 1982, the annual meeting of the Chinese traditional opera in yanan, He Jingzhi meeting with cao GuXi MeiShaoJing and young poets. He Jingzhi carefully looked at their poetry project, evaluate cao GuXi poem & other; Have individual character, argument type to a voice & throughout; . In the drama at the annual meeting, He Jingzhi saw yanchuan troupes perform play an, he told Liu Shuan back and other common name gave high evaluation of local operas of local flavor, and invited the troupe to perform in Beijing.

to yanan, he gave me He Jingzhi always generous love and ink. In 2009, yan folk artists Cao Bozhi has compiled an introduction to the storyteller of shaanxi, such as the northern shaanxi storytellers like music to explore a set of eight of the “northern shaanxi storyteller” series. Cao GuXi with Cao Bozhi visit He Jingzhi, want to invite him for being a preamble. The storyteller of shaanxi feelings deep He Jingzhi readily answered: & other; Shanbei narrative storyteller is the northern shaanxi, northern shaanxi is toiling masses of suffering, love, an epic struggle. I have collected a lot of information about shanbei storyteller, want to do some research, but I didn’t make it. “Plant completed the dream of generations! Throughout the &;

He Jingzhi with cao GuXi revealed that in 1940, he was admitted to yenan LuYi literature, in under the guidance of MAO zedong’s “speech” the spirit of the literary and art workers into the northern shaanxi rural, go deep among the masses, from folk art with a sweet earth learned the art of rich nutrition and milk. Written by he penned the lyrics of “nanniwan”, “emancipated description”, is in the form of a northern shaanxi folk songs to try; He and Ding Yi penned large opera “white-haired girl”, also injected with many elements of folk art.

zang gram house: life is not drink of the water of yan

& other; Some writers life never to yanan, but yan has been in their hearts. Throughout the &; Said cao GuXi, zang gram house is one of them. Miss zang gram house life in yanan, but in many occasions do not conceal his yearning to yanan. In 1938, zang gram house decided to travel to the holy land, but in the xi ‘an, and telegraph recalled the anti-japanese front & ndash; & ndash; Xuzhou. Failed to arrive, become his lifelong regret, this is also reflected in his works: & other; Life is not drink the water yan, always feel lack of revolution. Throughout the &;

therefore, yanan, also let zang gram house particularly unsettled. In 2000, “yan ‘an literature” pages, the new set up & other; Throughout China’s literary world &; And other columns, cao GuXi inviting zang gram house for & other; Throughout China’s literary world &; The column title. Received the invitation, zang gram house pen. & other; Zang gram house life yearning yanan, share the rest of my life seems to be difficult to make, as long as can do something for yanan, is glad. Throughout the &; Zang gram house wife Zheng Man said.

GuXi cao said, writer from the 1940 s, most times He Jingzhi came back, the second is wei wei. Yan’s work and life to their left an enduring memory, their feelings are sincere and precious of yanan. The era of literary and art workers, regardless of whether visited yanan, are physically to practice “speaking” spirit, adhere to the policy of literature and art serving the masses and to create a large number of figurative and vivid artistic works. Their ideal and faith unswervingly pursue of art work, even experienced the bumpy still do not change the spirit of the original will be lighted the posterity.

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