Zeng guofan family precepts is popular in the world is why? Low mental state is more terrible

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once again, notice the reporter’s interview, normal university associate professor zengguofan family education are lecture room on zeng guofan family precepts, and book zeng guofan family precepts zengguofan family education commentary by the Chinese press synchronization of democracy and legality.

as the first official documents and correspondence to learn, a postdoctoral fellow in the domestic, zengguofan family education has been to promote traditional Chinese culture to all students in the class, lecture room has provided him with a bigger platform. So, why did you choose this time zeng guofan family precepts?

low mental state more frightening

although zengguofan family education very early reading “zeng guofan family precepts”, and often read often new, more productive, zeng guofan family precepts, but this time in the lecture room commentary on the current status of the education is the power of the most fundamental some worries.

& other; Public criticism is more about the present situation of education, especially in some high score low-energy phenomenon is not very satisfactory. Actually low mental state more terrible. Throughout the &; Zengguofan family education thought, the present education have a lack of three major parts: one is the lack of public education, is more of elite education, college education, education resources and imbalance, especially in primary and secondary schools is the most serious; 2 it is lack of mental education, quality education brought a lot, but more emphasis on ability and technology; Third is the lack of family education, push the kids to school, in fact, parents are children first teacher on the road of life.

what is the real education? Zengguofan family education thought, Confucius is the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization approved the first educator, because he will be noble education toward civilian education, education of the masses. & other; Confucius was the first in human history teaching reform course home, he put the ritual, music, books, number, shoot, royal & lsquo; Small six arts & rsquo; , promotion & lsquo; Big six arts & rsquo; , that is, “ritual”, “happy”, “book”, “poem”, “yi”, the spring and autumn annals. “The ritual” is equivalent to moral and public relations; “Le” includes all the beautiful music, is artistic accomplishment; “The book of history, is a classic, king is equivalent to reading classics; “Poem” is the book of songs, the equivalent of literature; “Yi” is religion, nature is a philosophy; The spring and autumn annals of history. Throughout the &;

YanZhiTui zeng guofan influence than

& other; Chinese parents always want to give their children the best of things, the best things not matter, but the emotional, now the Chinese cultural education poor soil, lack of family education, the best solution from the family education, cultivate feelings. Throughout the &; Said zengguofan family education.

in the traditional Confucian education, first is family education. In the history of the Chinese people pay attention to division training tutor since ancient times, yu pundit, such as sima guang of song dynasty, ouyang xiu, zhu xi; Ming wang fuzhi gradually and banqiao of qing dynasty, zeng guofan and so on, has the family precepts. In these dynasties famous family precepts rule, the Chinese traditional culture the righteousness and propriety wisdom inherent in the letter, filial piety buddhist dependent, propriety and cultivate one’s morality in the country with virtue to spread the culture.

zengguofan family education have been trying to speak YanZhiTui family precepts, but for the masses, YanZhiTui obviously than zeng guofan. Common research of habit, be before doing any task, as much as possible to collect all the relevant contents of subjects, the zeng guofan, think beyond zengguofan family education is set. Controversial history of zeng guofan, zeng guofan, academic thought he saved the Confucian traditional culture, Confucian culture is the core of the han culture, feng youlan that zeng guofan is saved the han culture, is big, but another one of his identity is the traitors, help suppress the taiping heavenly kingdom in the late qing dynasty. Description on zeng guofan, the most hate that zeng guofan is a slave. Liang qichao compiled “zeng guofan JiaYan chao”, CAI compiled “had Hu Zhibing sayings”, Chiang kai-shek, “can it cure had soldier quotations as huangpu military academy teaching materials. In 1945, the eighth route army military magazine once had Hu Zhibing sayings out into vernacular solution. Said zengguofan family education, with the kuomintang and the communist party thought essence of zeng guofan family precepts as a way to treat soldiers or as teaching material. Can be seen that the most controversial figure, his family precepts are the most agree.

after go through the relevant books of zeng guofan, zengguofan family education found that basically is edited and these books, even on the interpretation, the face also have certain accept ability and the foundation of the reader. So he is at the time of interpretation, pay attention to the plot and story to face the general public to read. But it is precisely this, from different views.

it is said, zengguofan family education on the “lecture room” zeng guofan, too popular, not deep. Zengguofan family education explains, is that the public platform, as a teacher, he can’t afford not to consider the public’s ability to accept, otherwise the said that since the words doesn’t make sense. This is the classroom. His explanation, always start from a story. & other; The story is one of the academic. The earliest literature in Greek mythology, for example, is a story, each nation’s cultural heritage is done by the story. Said I am telling a story, to be shallow, I don’t think it is, but the biggest prize. Throughout the &;