Zhang zuolin ShuaiFu denied photos with wrong: when he was alive this photo was reported (FIG.)

zhang ShuaiFu deny zhang zuolin according to used the wrong that he was alive when this photo was reported

the original old photos with instructions in both English and Chinese & other; Three tour reading makes Peiping portrait & throughout;

this is different periods of three images, the left one is AnGuoJun commander in chief in Peiping, the heavier

news playback: zhang zuolin grandson of Zhang Lvshi question history teaching material of pep in Peiping reality, also think the photo in the shenyang zhang ShuaiFu used in the museum.

first reported the topic: the history textbooks in Peiping photos suspected with wrong

the zhang ShuaiFu, deputy curator of the museum show those substances he made national news weekly & on the other; Suspected oolong photos & throughout; Copy of

yesterday, shenyang zhang ShuaiFu museum held a press conference, judge respectively from different angles & other; Zhang zuolin oolong photos & throughout; Authenticity. Experts say, & other; Oolong photos & throughout; Is untenable.

original photos with bilingual & the other; Zhang zuolin portrait & throughout;

according to the suspicious photo, shenyang zhang ShuaiFu museum is the first to admit that, they have not been held in the museum of Peiping is used in the exhibition. According to introducing, single 8 photos in Peiping, in the exhibition and collection within ShuaiFu Peiping there are as many as dozens of single image, source for more during the period of the republic of China in the newspapers, books remake scanning, and some of the social donation.

& other; Two later confirmed that this is not in Peiping, teaching materials and deleted pep, seems to have to be sure the photo is real fake, but it is not the case. Throughout the &; Deputy director of liquor quinn said firmly.

according to those substances kunduz, currently in Peiping profile pictures, is cut from a bust of Peiping, the original photo with traditional Chinese characters and English instructions & other; Three tour reading makes Peiping portrait & throughout; From the font and the English translation of the ways to confirm is the period of the republic of China.

experts showed reporters a copy of the photo scanning version, although had not found the photo of the original source, but during the period of the republic of China on a sheet of newspaper used the photo, and clear that this is in Peiping.

& other; This newspaper called national news weekly, two times in its cover and inside edition used the pictures of Peiping, and published in 1924, zhang zuolin still alive at the time, it is proved that the photo of the people is the first evidence in Peiping. Throughout the &; Liquor is introduced.

according to historical records, the national news weekly newspaper founded in 1924, was a more authoritative topicality, political nature, comprehensive news weekly.

sister photo income “marshal zhang ai wan record

museum laboratory staff yesterday morning has been busy looking for the origin of the suspected photo, but because of the large files and currently in storage, so just find scanning images, but didn’t find the original data, but the staff in a book called “the marshal zhang ai wan record of historical data, to find a picture of inference with the suspicious photo sister photographs taken at the same time.

& other; In the two photo, zhang zuolin facial contours, expression, clothing and so on various aspects are nearly the same, the only difference is that the suspected caps on guard in the photo is placed on the side of the table. Throughout the &; Those substances quinlan said, & other; Can be concluded that these two photos should be taken in a group of sisters photos at the same time, from the second out of the carpet, table and other background can be judged, the location is indoor, whether ShuaiFu or photo shop is currently not inference. Some people say that this group of pictures in yunnan, is obviously untenable. Throughout the &;

according to introducing, this “marshal zhang ai wan” is after the death of zhang zuolin explosion, zhang family prince for life, from all walks of life to the ritual of Peiping eulogy, gathering the prince for individual calligraphy and portrait photographs at different periods of a book, the photo section includes Peiping childhood, as commander in chief of the teachers, tour reading makes, as well as marshal five different periods of portrait. ShuaiFu are from all walks of life gathered to the 107 sets, credibility is quite high.

with younger than 10 years of photos or size difference wonky

according to those substances kunduz, this annotation & other; Three tour reading makes Peiping & throughout; Pictures of suspected, shooting period should be around 1918.

& other; In Peiping, born in 1875, took photos when the Peiping should in 43 years old. And contrast has been compared to the other a relatively thin Peiping portrait, is he as armed marshal period, shooting time should be at least after the June 18, 1927, at the time of Peiping has 53 years old or so, two pictures are not taken in the same period, but differ for ten years, how can so sure two not the same person? Throughout the &; Those substances asked.

according to introducing, zhang zuolin appearance is a typical & other; Northerners throughout south phase &; , is not tall, a person is more handsome, more thin in his life, but this does not mean that zhang zuolin did not get fat. Expert liquor kun, said zhang zuolin early career is hard, but also ranks at the end of the middle age man, was the marshal zhang ai wan recorded “in the collection of 1926 in 12 months as & other; Commander in chief AnGuoJun & throughout; Zhang zuolin also slightly fat. & other; In Peiping after 40 years of age is relatively fat period in his life. Throughout the &; Those substances quinlan said.

there are other evidence denying & other; Oolong said & throughout;

soldiers like cigarette case of the republic of China on

is also used in Peiping this photo

in addition to the above evidence and inference, yesterday’s conference also wired the yunnan satellite TV a reporter, he was initially found Zhang Lvshi photographs authenticity verification.

according to the reporter, he initially found suspicious of this photo, is a year and a half before he seen in yunnan army JiangWu hall museum this signature is hai-qing he historical images. With memory, he believes that this has been a picture of textbooks used in Peiping. After verification with the museum, said this was confirmed by what posterity hai-qing he pictures.

since then, the reporter asked what posterity and Mr Zhang zuolin grandson Zhang Lvshi, both sides believe that this is not in Peiping, but there was no evidence of both sides. & other; What family cannot provide hai-qing he compared to the second picture, and Zhang Lvshi are not seen in Peiping, he is only recognized & lsquo; By visual inspection & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

since then, the reporter found in the national museum of the publication of the republic of China national news weekly in 1924 published the picture; At the same time a Hong Kong businessman gathering a group of soldiers like cigarette case of the republic of China, using the Peiping this photo.

at this point, basic clear doubts about the photo, doubt is in itself a accurate, but unfortunately, before the reporter could publish the results come out, Mr Zhang Lvshi is early one step on his blog points out that the teaching materials used in the photo is false, to cause the attention of many netizens to events.

ShuaiFu experts also said yesterday, Mr Zhang Lvshi once successively three times to the museum, then the collection data did not put forward any objection. & other expert analysis, 1931; Throughout the 918 &; Later, the zhangs’ rush to customs. According to that, with the carry things are generally given priority to with gold and silver is fine, take away the historical picture is unlikely, so zhang zuolin flow to other parts of the historical data is very limited.

& other; This result I also talked to Mr Zhang Lvshi, but he still decided that the picture is not on his grandpa. What family and suspicious of the results, they hope to continue to look for other hai-qing he pictures. Throughout the &; The reporter said. (reporter Gao Wei)