Zhangzhou is a little strange temple far look like a temple near look like a mound to look like a turtle

to not answer, look from the back is also really think Shi Gui

southeast net – sea all news from minnan version 2 April (reporter xiao ascending zhi-qiang bai article/photo)

Core tip

far look like a temple, almost look like mounds, look like Shi Gui. A string of expression, that is not a kaleidoscope of vientiane.

a few days ago, have a history scholars in zhangzhou city discovered that a unique temple & ndash; & ndash; South Pacific water Shi Gui temple, the preliminary research, the temple of at least 200 years of history, it’s hidden behind a little-known story, with the taiping rebels areas to get and the zhangzhou ordinary people who died in the war.

everyday, especially the tomb-sweeping day, there are always many people spontaneously come here to worship, to send the grief.

specializing in taiping rebels into get history Shang Yuxian (yunxiao county museum curator) advice, special protection of taiping rebels into the various historic, get a reduction of the truth of history, water Shi Gui temple can also be taken into account.